Agencies to Watch

BXP Agencies to WatchBXP is proud to feature these Agencies to Watch. Based on their exceptional work, extensive experience, and highly creative staff, these firms were chosen as the creme de la creme of the industry and come highly recommended by the BXP team. We invite you to visit their websites to view their portfolios and consider them for your next project. 

Featured Agencies

Dot Matrix Design Group, Inc.

Dot Matrix is passionate about building brands and helping our clients succeed. We are functioning workaholics. We love what we do. We've worked with some of the same clients for close to 25 years. We have big names on our roster like Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Disney, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer as well as start-ups who we have helped build into household names. In addition to branding, packaging and publication design, we have been delivering an increasing amount of video animation. And we're not tied to one product category either. We've partnered with clients in automotive, housewares, food, beverage, nutraceuticals and others. To us, the end product is just as important as how we arrive there. Even with the most challenging projects, the process should be enjoyable, devoid of attitude and red tape. You'll love working with us.



Fish out of Water Design Inc.

Thinking differently drives results. At Fish out of Water Design, we know retail. From store design to packaging, we've been offering fresh perspectives to clients for 13 years. An effective package doesn't just look good; it functions within the expansive context of a shopper's journey and empowers the customer's experience. At Fish, we understand the whole ecosystem: in- and out-of-store communications, merchandising, the digital landscape and the store environment. Some say it's the combination of services that sets us apart; others credit the firm's philosophy on partnership - the melding of creative and strategic minds to answer the emotional and rational challenges of a brief. Our broad knowledge of retail allows us to think differently and create customized solutions for our clients. And that's what drives results.





FORCE pkg is a new design and branding concept that combines real collaboration and real mobility. Built on a results oriented philosophy, the FORCE Crew delivers designs that impact the decisions consumers make at retail. Everything we do is supported by our “Relationships First” model ... we know how to listen, we ask better questions, and we know how to have fun. We enjoy our work and so should you.




There is a life journey in building brands.
GIRVIN lives that legacy.
40 years ago, GIRVIN was a single man doing lettering for shopfronts, boats, job trucks, schools and universities, restaurants and department stores.
That was Tim Girvin.
That took him straight to the making of real brand-works, dealing directly with customers that visited his buildings, shops and brands—talking to them, listening. He found what worked and what didn’t—what people cared about and what stories they were willing to share. He started designing stores and the products that went into them—what people wore in the shops. How people explained their goods, and sold their brands, food and drink. And then how they were wrapped up, packaged and boxed, bottled and presented. That GIRVIN heritage continues. Hand-made, hand-crafted care in working around the world on extraordinary brands—and bringing a hint of beauty to each and every one.



The Goldstein Group

The Goldstein Group is a New York City brand identity and design firm where intelligence becomes visual.  TGG incorporates strategic and analytical techniques into the design process to achieve bottom line results for our clientele. Led by industry veteran Terri Goldstein, TGG is comprised of a high caliber group of strategic planners, graphic designers, industrial designers, copywriters, name developers and intellectual property experts who create the visual identity for brands such as Allegra, Carmex, Nasacort, Aqua Net, Gulden’s and Ronzoni, to name a few. From strategic planning to naming, logotype and brandmark design to package graphics and structural design, the TGG team is guided by the firm’s groundbreaking principle, Shelf Sight Sequence™ – in which the hierarchy of visual information (colors, shapes, symbols and words) reflected in its work is recognized in the same sequence as the brain processes it. TGG has been committed to building brands of enduring value for the past decade – with more to come. The Goldstein Group. Intelligence Made Visual™.



Haugaard Creative

Haugaard Creative is a Chicago-based, full-service design agency specializing in the areas of visual identity, graphic packaging, marketing asset design and more. Boasting award-winning designs and client relationships spanning over twenty years with world-leading CPG clients, Haugaard Creative offers both the industry and process expertise of a large-scale company and accessibility and speed of a small agency environment. From initial strategy and brand development to artwork production and prototyping, Haugaard Creative’s time-tested design process ensures the best results to fit the needs of their clientele’s target market. For more information, visit



Hughes BrandMix

At Hughes BrandMix, branding encompasses more than just the packaging. Our expert mix of strategy, design, and activation has generated millions in sales, produced double digit brand growth, and launched time-tested brands.

It’s not just our process that we’ve perfected over the past 30 years that drives success. It’s our people. We are a dynamic team of strategic creatives that are experts in brand creation and activation. We truly care about being collaborative brand partners to our clients in everything we do. That’s why many of our brand partnerships span decades.

Whether an emerging, ascending, or established brand, we want to elevate your brand’s presence and drive measurable results – so don’t be shy… contact us!




With a network of 29 offices in 22 countries, Interbrand, a global brand agency, believes that growth is achieved when an organization has a clear strategy and delivers exceptional customer experiences. From briefing to building, Interbrand’s combination of strategy, creativity, and technology makes it uniquely capable of driving the growth of its clients’ brands and businesses.
Our dedicated Consumer & Retail Brand Experience Team creates iconic brand experiences that transform the way people engage, shop and buy—and repeat. We are—and aspire to be—the essential partner to the world’s fastest growing companies. Through our expansive experience, expertise across a variety of categories and our collaborative approach to the creative process, together with our clients, we grow brands and businesses.



Little Big Brands

Little Big has been creating extraordinary brand design since 2001. We feel our name is a pretty good representation of the firm itself—we are the perfect mix of little and big. There is no trade off with Little Big—we have partnered with some of the most trusted names in the business and we know how to respectfully grow or create a brand. Our work is insightful, inspired, and never frivolous, and we are committed to creative solutions that get results.



Sloat Design Group

With a focus on natural and organic products, Sloat Design Group has been creating and revitalizing brands across all retail segments since 2003. Their brand identities and package designs are thoughtfully created to work with a brand's growing product line, over time and across multiple consumer targets. Always immersed in the trends that affect consumer packaged goods, particularly food and beverage, they develop strategies that keep their clients a step ahead. Their award winning team has helped some of the most discerning global brands and visionary startups express their unique brand personality, stand out on shelf, and realize quantifiable results.



Wallace Church & Co.

What began in a townhouse on 48th St. in Manhattan has grown into generations of thinkers and creators who have put their own special mark on what it means to design the future.

Wallace Church has been instrumental in launching many of the world’s greatest brands. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to package design, rooted in craftsmanship, strategic thinking and authenticity in connecting with consumers.

Our team consists of a mix of creators, collaborators, motivators, and cultural observers from across the globe. Our goal is to create memorable brand experiences.



WFM, Inc.

WFM has been designing compelling consumer experiences for over 40 years. Today, they continue that legacy with their dedication to developing memorable, award-winning packaging and point of sale solutions. WFM has a staff of specialized designers who create impactful graphics day-in and day-out. They provide exceptional, cost-effective graphic solutions on time and on budget. WFM’s diverse clientele benefit from their extensive category expertise, exceptional personal service, and strategic thinking. They care about what they do and it shows. And they plan to be loving their work for many years to come. They’re focused. They’re fast. They’re user-friendly.