3 Simple Steps in Making Packaging Stand Out

Packaging that protects your product and makes it stand out is essential to leading clients back to your products.

Much like a blue Tiffany & Co box, you get all excited simply looking at the gorgeous color and simple design of the box. Let's admit it, it's almost impossible to misidentify that box. You know right away where it's from and that whatever is inside that blue box is exciting. 

These are 3 simple steps to making sure your packaging your products efficiently. 

1) The design must be simple and clear

If you take a look at most successful and big companies, their product packaging is always clear and simple, yet elegant. They do not fill up the design with too much traffic, instead they make it so that it is easy to remember, and pleasing to the eye. A package that has a lot going on might be tiring to look at, and not memorable. 

2) Unique Selling Point

You product has to be unique. Your packaging must reflect this. Whether it's eco-friendly, or comes with names on the packaging such as Coca-Cola. It must have something that when consumers look at it, they identify it with your brand. This connection is essential to being remembered in a positive way, because you were able to make them feel something unique.  

3) Convenience & Practicality 

If your packaging is falling apart, or ruining your product, then it might be a good idea to invest in quality packaging that will make the consumer's life easier. It has to be convenient for practicality purposes. Nobody wants to pay money for a product that comes in an inconvenient package, this will reflect on your PRODUCT. The package is arguably as important as your product. The consumer sees it as one. It is the first impression they get, so now matter how high-quality and expensive your product might be, if your packaging is not, then it will leave a bad impression on them. 

The main focus point at DY Printing Box is to be able to communicate to their clients, and know exactly what they want. No miscommunication, no disappointments. 

As a start up funded in early 2016, DY Printing Box has gained a lot of success. Though they started with a very limited budget, with the help of digital marketing their sales have skyrocketed in the last year, and they are a leading e-commerce printing and packaging. Their customers stick with them. 

In a world of large minimum orders, it is hard to find packaging for a small business with small quantities needs. But we offer your small business packaging solutions. We can help build your business with box packaging such as, custom printed boxes, cosmetic boxes, display boxes, product boxes, and gift boxes. We also specialize in custom printed bags such as shopping bags, paper bags, reusable bags, non-woven bags, alongside design and quality printing service as well. We are also graphic designers (Business cards, flyers, printed materials), and website designers. With our unique and innovative designs, quality materials and extensive finishing options, you will find the best packaging solution that will match your vision and deliver your message. 

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