Almond Pro announces the re-release of its High Protein Almond Flour

Almond Pro announces the re-release of its High Protein Almond Flour, with fully re-designed packaging. The new natural foods company has already enjoyed breakout success with their Almond Protein Powder, which hit the market in November 2016 and has been a hot seller ever since. Additionally, Almond Pro will be launching a tour starting this June as part of its "Make American Healthy Again" campaign.

Almond Pro's High Protein Almond Flour is 100% natural and organic, featuring twice the protein and 65% less fat than regular almond flours. Moreover, every gram of protein comes entirely from almonds — there's no soy and no whey to be found. High Protein Almond Flour is ideal for gluten-free, low carb, paleo, and ketogenic baking or simply as a way to get more protein into a vegan or nutrient-conscious diet.

"What's helping us grow is the fact that we create inclusive products. Women, men, children, elderly, fit, and not-so fit; Almond Pro products are really for everyone," says company President and CEO Caulen Foster. "Take our protein powder for example. We call it the 'life protein' because that's what it's for — life. We like to think of our products as being part of a lifestyle movement that helps 'Make America Healthy Again,' one decision at a time."

The company's "Make America Healthy Again" tour will include stops at festivals, trade shows and other events likely to appeal to natural foods and fitness enthusiasts, and will span 10 different U.S. cities. At each stop, the Almond Pro team will be providing consumers with information and practical tips on exercise and nutrition, along with various healthy product giveaways and free samples of the company's innovative almond-based products. Almond Pro's goal is to help curb the trend of chronic lifestyle diseases by promoting a better, healthier and ultimately happier way of life.

"Whereas a lot of companies like to heavily invest their attention on getting into distribution channels, we allocate most of our time and resources to connecting with current and future customers," adds Foster. "This allows us to create and sustain long term relationships and continue to build brand loyalty—it's been an amazing process."

The strategy seems to be working. Almond Pro's Almond Protein Powder has garnered dozens of five-star Amazon reviews from satisfied customers who frequently reference multiple purchases. The company aims to build on that great foundation, and has high expectations for the remainder of 2017.

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