Applegate refreshes packaging and ingredients

Applegate, a nation’s leading organic and natural meat brand has unveiled a new packaging design that will provide an easier experience for consumers in-store and at home.

This fall, Applegate deli ham lovers will experience an improved taste and texture, as well as notice a more natural shape with the slow-cooked ham varieties that will no longer be rectangular.

Along with making improvements to its deli recipes, Applegate will be rolling out a new packaging design for all its product lines, starting with the Applegate Organics pre-sliced deli which now includes an easy-to-open, peel and reseal tab and uses less plastic.

"For consumers who took the time to call and write to us about their difficulties opening our deli meat packaging, I can confidently say the switch to a new deli packaging with a peel and reseal tab provides a much more enjoyable experience," says Nicole Glenn, vice president of marketing at Applegate.