Experts Say There’s Big Opportunity for Small CPG Brands Ready to Scale in 2019

Consumer product veterans and founders of a new CPG accelerator, Joe Jacober and James Tonkin, say small CPG brands will continue to gather market share in 2019, and those who are ready to scale will have an opportunity to compete with the biggest brands.

Jacober, who has worked with CPG brands for 25 years, explains the challenges facing the fastest growing CPG segment, “Small companies are coming in en masse and taking market share from the big players as a whole. But they’re still failing at a high rate because they can’t scale, and they don’t have the in-house expertise to jump to the next level.”

He and co-founder Tonkin, who’s built a 45-year career in the CPG industry, recently launched a new company to address this issue and help small CPG companies scale and win.  The company is Innovative Brands Accelerator, which embeds its team and proven process into their clients' operations. The vision is to evolve concept-proven brands and improve business practices, so clients are equipped and ready to succeed in big ways.
Growing CPG Brands Need Discipline and Rigor to Scale
CPG startups only make up 2% of the market share, but they’ve managed 25% of the growth from 2012 to 2016. For concept-proven brands ready to hit the growth stage in 2019, Jacober says it starts with strategic choices, “It’s not that small brands don’t have a great idea, it’s that they don’t have the infrastructure and experience to make it grow.”  To address this market needs, he and Tonkin created Innovative Brands Accelerator's flagship program, Peak Performance Acceleration, to help companies level-up business functions and prepare for growth.

About the Author

Heather DeSantis is a top millennial publicist and CEO of Publicity for Good, a purpose driven public relations firm. Heather combines market foresight, strategic timing, and organic interviews to generate millions of earned media impressions from outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, BBC, iHeartMedia, Business Insider, Inc, and more. She is also the founder of Press Demand, a PR SaaS company that makes PR accessible for all. DeSantis is posting for her client, Innovative Brands Accelerator.

About Innovative Brands Accelerator
Innovative Brands Accelerator is a CPG business accelerator company. Using more than 100 combined years in the industry, we give back by sharing our experience and passion to help high-potential CPG companies take their brands to the next level in just 18 months through our Peak Performance Business Accelerator Program.
About Joe Jacober
Joe Jacober has more than 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and brand revitalization authority. Joe is CEO of Innovative Brands Accelerator and most recently, Innovation Ranch, a brand revitalization and consulting company focused on emerging consumer products and brands and led a successful exit for an RTD 100% fruit juice company where he was interim CEO. He was also President of China Mist Tea Company where he was responsible for restructuring this iconic global tea company that led to more than 20% growth and resulted in its highest revenue and operating income in company history. Jacober was also the founder and CEO of Innovative Brands (Pert Plus & Sure) and responsible for building the company from acquisition and infrastructure to a $100 million business with a 22%+ EBITDA margin leading to the successful sale of the brands. Joe was also a member of the senior management team of UTI, Inc. during its successful IPO and led other successful startups including Belae Brands, a $90 million consumer company. At The Dial Corporation, Jacober launched Liquid Dial hand soap, the category’s first antibacterial liquid hand soap and became the #1 brand that generated over $250 million in annual revenue and ushered in a wave of new consumer products with antibacterial properties.

About Jim Tonkin
For more than 44 years, Jim Tonkin has served the private sector as a brand and marketing development professional and Founder and President of HealthyBrandBuilders. He directs the building and design of national infrastructures for food and beverage industry clients. Tonkin has successfully created and implemented business and financial strategies for domestic and  international players focusing from production to branding, marketing through sales implementation and distribution, to include exit strategy. Tonkin has focused branding initiatives in soft drink, bottled water, functional foods and beverages, and non- carbonated “new age” beverage verticals. His extensive hands-on expertise has stretched across many sectors including domestic cheeses to natural potato chips; bottled waters for people and pets; and nutraceutical-functional-cosmeceutical enhanced beverages. Jim serves as a popular keynote speaker covering new beverage trends, successful branding insight and with his blunt and sometimes stinging humor, pushes the envelope. He has many repeat performances and is truly a respected and admired entrepreneur in his own right.