Brooklyn Bottling Co. Offers Tropical Fantasy Beverage Line in Distinctive 24-oz. PET Container

Brooklyn Bottling Co.’s Tropical Fantasy line of teas and juices is now available in 24 oz. single-serve PET bottles from Amcor Rigid Plastics, the world’s leading producer of PET packaging. The switch from 16-oz. glass containers to consumer-friendly PET affords the company numerous consumer benefits including lighter weight, portability, and resealability along with a novel brand-specific shelf appeal. The company also offers the Tropical Fantasy line in 16-oz. cans.
In particular, the PET bottle’s resealability is a critical advantage because Brooklyn Bottling is looking to expand distribution to schools, and promote usage at outdoor venues including sporting events and beaches, according to Eric Miller, president of the third-generation, family-owned company. “PET delivers an eye-catching bottle, a significantly better carbon footprint, and avoids breakage issues,” explains Miller.
Brooklyn Bottling has experienced strong sales growth in previous conversions from glass to PET. The company’s tea product, formerly in a 16-oz. glass bottle, has achieved about 25% sales growth since converting to PET without even securing any new distribution. Miller says hot-fill PET has become a strong consumer preference and he looks forward to similar increases in Tropical Fantasy sales as the conversion to PET occurs.
The custom bottle features an attractive, upscale design, including distinctive 3-D diamond faceted shapes that encircle the neck. In addition, the initials “TF” are embossed on the shoulder to identify the Tropical Fantasy brand instantly. A high-gloss, metalized wrap label is another eye-catching element that enhances consumer appeal.
The bottle’s finish is 38 mm instead of 43 mm—a feature that is reflective of an industry trend focused squarely on sustainability issues such as smaller package size, reduced material usage, and reduced manufacturing costs.
Brooklyn Bottling has already started to roll out the new 24-oz. bottle in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut with expanded distribution in the mid-Atlantic region by the end of April. It will be available in supermarkets, convenience stores, and supercenters. For more, visit and