CGS-ORIS delivers full range of color management solutions at Labelexpo 2018

CGS Publishing Technologies International will be demonstrating the latest in ORIS technology during this year’s Labelexpo Americas 2018, September 25 through 27, at the Donald E Stephens Convention Center. Presenting its packaging- and label-centric portfolio of software, equipment, consumables and services, Booth 5628 will showcase all-in-one solutions for prototyping and controlling color within the packaging market.

CGS has been a leader within the graphic arts industry for well over a quarter of a century. Within the packaging sector, the company has earned acclaim for their visualization product ORIS Flex Pack with iC3D 3D prototyping capabilities and cold foil application. As the only truly complete prototyping system, ORIS Flex Pack combines on-screen, 3D prototyping with physical packaging output for a complete product visualization. During the show, attendees can look forward to an in-depth look at the product as well as physical samples of labels, cans and more.

With the announcement of the release of ORIS X Gamut, aimed towards expanded gamut color management, CGS continues to expand on their award-winning color management portfolio. It is of particular relevance to those utilizing expanded gamut digital presses, relatively new to the marketplace, and are in need of expanded gamut color management for their workflows.

New Product Highlights

ORIS X Gamut provides a color management solution for expanded gamut printing, on traditional offset, and flexo presses as well as on digital technology offerings. Its patented technology lends the opportunity for printers to leverage the full gamut of a press to best reproduce spot colors in an up to 8-channel output environment, with less press down-time between jobs and the ability to gang jobs. “With a robust set of expanded gamut profiling tools, end users will increase efficiency while achieving accurate spot color reproduction. This creates a unique opportunity for digital press technology utilizing expanded gamut ink sets in the packaging market,” comments Cory Sawatzki, Director of Digital Print Technology. The product is set to officially launch during the show.

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