Creating the brand identity for Bombay Bicycle craft IPA

Bombay Bicycle - Bottle Line-up

Kingfisher Beer launches a world’s first craft beer innovation.

Kingfisher Beer is one of the world’s most iconic beer brands. Served in 9 out of 10 Indian restaurants in the UK, it is colloquially known as the Real Taste of India.

Butcher & Gundersen has worked with the European division of the business – KBE Drinks – for many years as design and communications agency, the most recent project being the branding and packaging design of a new, restaurant-only IPA craft beer innovation, Bombay Bicycle.

Formulated with the help of several top Indian chefs using Cascade and Chinook hops to ensure the beer pairs exceptionally well with Indian food, the design needed to work just as hard in order to complement the Indian restaurant environment.

Butcher & Gundersen created a tongue-in-cheek visualisation of the brand’s name to bring to life the warmth, irreverence and humour of Indian culture in the shape of a painted elephant riding a bicycle. Fun and a bit cheeky, the design and typography are inspired by the traditional language of India; the architecture, signage, fashion, comic imagery and artistry of the region when the modern city of Mumbai was known as Bombay.

Brought to life in the bright colors of the Elephant’s howdah and the graphic filigree of the Bombay Bicycle typography, flashes of gold in the crown, neck and primary label ensure the design stands out in the restaurant setting. Further elevated by a tactile, off-white label giving the design a premium finish and ensuring the consumer experience is as positive in the hand as it is on the eye. 

“Whilst the majority of consumers are still looking for a cool, crisp lager to match with their Madras, there are many people now looking for a more flavorful beer to complement their Korma. KBE Drinks is well placed to establish a craft brand within this important trade sector, and from our past experience working with the agency, we knew that Butcher & Gundersen had the right expertise to ensure we leverage this opportunity to the full in the brand’s design,” says John Price, head of marketing at KBE Drinks.

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