Digital Tech Products: Eye-catching Effects

Special effects sure to make your designs standout on shelf

Digital 3-D Effects
Azuna 3-D creates an application with a 3-D effect that is compatible with HP Indigo, and other digital printers. This material is lightweight and weatherproof, which the company says, is perfect for packaging and direct mail as well as business cards.

Metallized Film
Toray Plastics’ Lumirror MQ16 film is used to manufacture bright metallized images that are transferred off of the film on to packaging board. Applications include perfume and cosmetic setup boxes, personal care items, wines and spirits, sporting goods, printed items and more. Lumirror MQ16 film is designed to offer good handling properties, and facilitate smooth coating and finishing. Additionally, the film is resistant to heat wrinkle formation.

Windowed Carton with Digital Metallic Ink
Cartons and labels can now be digitally printed with metallic ink plus gloss and matte spot varnishes. The metallic colors are virtually endless and there are a variety of substrates including paperboard, flexible film and label stocks available. Raised embossing can be added for a premium effect. This windowed carton features multi-color metallic digital printing on white paperboard.

Digital Print Enhancements
The Scodix S Series, Scodix Ultra and Scodix Rainbow Station and Scodix SENSE offer a variety of print enhancement options.

Foil on Shrink Sleeves
Full-body shrink labels offered with integrated holographic and standard foils. Custom tinting is available.

Varnishing and Embossing
Roland VersaUV wide-format inkjet printer/cutters use safe, low-heat LED lamps to print on materials ranging from metallic and synthetic papers and foils to biaxially oriented polypropylene, polyethylene and PET film, leather and fabrics. In addition to CMYK and white, ECO-UV inks include a clear coat for embossing and varnishing effects in matte and gloss finishes.

Print and Packaging Finishing Lamination Solutions
Innové offers special laminating solutions on folding carton board before or after printing to enhance the visual appearance of a package or add special barrier properties to a package.

Matte Lamination with Silver Glitter
This Lise Watier gift box demonstrates a matte lamination with silver glitter (non-flaking) and a silver foil hot stamping. The vac tray is affixed with a silver die-cut card. This two-piece set box compliments the brand packaging.

Foils and Inks
As part of the Facundo Rum Collection, aimed at luxury markets and named for company founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso, Bacardi Limited launched Eximo and Exquisito rums. The use of metallic foils and special inks in sepia tones on the carton and specialty paper boxes enhances the Art Deco motifs reminiscent of the glory days of Cuba and are evocative of the company’s heritage.

Brushed Films
A variety of brushed films are available to deliver more punch to package designs. These films, the company says, are especially well suited for personal care product packages, golf ball boxes and special-edition DVD cases.

Custom Decorative Packaging
Stribbons’ custom packages demonstrate a variety of special effects and enhanced embellishments, including die-cutting, spot-UV, embossing, foil printing, foil on acetate, debossing, and engraved metal plates.

Holographic Film
Folding cartons for Ultradent Opalescence Go Tooth Whitening System feature a double rainbow hologram and die-cut bubbles that mirror the product’s active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide. Hazen Paper Company metallized holographic film and laminated it to 18-pt solid bleached sulphate for an effervescent package.

Soft-touch Label Coating
This soft touch label finish is designed to match the soft touch coatings popular on personal care bottles and tubes. The coating is applied via flexo process and adds scuff, moisture and product resistance. It can be applied to any label, tag, flexible pouch or sachet to add a luxurious finish without a significant increase in cost