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2018 PAC Global Leadership Award winners recognized at Awards Gala.

The winners of the PAC Global Leadership Awards were recognized at the 2018 BXP Live! Conference in Bonita Springs, FL, on Feb. 27. PAC Packaging Consortium, developed its PAC Global Leadership Awards to celebrate excellence in all formats of packaging, in brand and graphic design, in technical aspects and in sustainability. The contest gives industry-based peer recognition.

International judges for the 2018 PAC Global Leadership Awards were Michael Azulay, chief strategy officer, Invok Brands; Dennis Benoit, creative director, St. Joseph Communications; Alan Blake, retired executive—packaging and sustainability; Peter Booth, principal consultant, Tin Horse; Linda Casey, editor-in-chief, Brand Experience magazine; Sam J. Ciulla, CEO and executive creative director, Ciulla Association; Jon Clark, global creative director, BoldInc. Brand Innovation; Elsie Cross, strategic procurement manager—contract manufacturing, Nestle Canada Inc.; James Davidson, director of commercial development, Amcor Flexibles North America; Amy Dresner-Yules, senior manager of global design & health brands lead, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare; Anthony Garaguso, CPP engineering technology manager, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.; Humberto Garcia, packaging director, Pepperidge Farm; Sarah Grundy, VP creative, Fish Out of Water Design; David Haslam; Paul Jenkins, managing director, ThePackHub; John F. Kissoon, director of creative services, Main St. Group; Wendy Kufeldt, managing director, Anthem Worldwide; Jean-Pierre Lacroix, president, Shikitani-Lacroix; Ana Lankarani, packaging development specialist, Irving Consumer Products Limited; Mudit Lawania, senior manager of packaging design development and procurement, Walmart India; Louis Lemaire, vice president of sales, Graphic Packaging International; Kenny Li, designer, Werle Design; David Lukshus, COO and executive vice president business development and customer relations, COG LLC; Natalia Lumby, associate professor, Ryerson University; Richard McNabb, global packaging director, Church and Dwight; Katie Ozamiz, global packaging designer, Microsoft; Sven Petersen, brand design consultant, Square44; Joel Porter, packaging graphics manager, Coca-Cola; Luis Prior, director of marketing and business development, Atlantic Packaging Products; Joe Puntillo; Joachim Quoden, managing director, Expra; Danish Rahi, senior design manager, Shopko Stores; Dr. Gerald Rebitzer, director sustainability, Amcor; Jeff Rector, art & design manager, McCain; Nick Rees, global creative director and partner, Bulletproof; Bernardino Reynoso, senior vice president of innovation and growth, Rocketfuelabs; Brian A. Rice, senior director of design and packaging innovation, Georgia Pacific Consumer Business; Mike Richmond, principal, PTIS; Claire Koelsch Sand, Ph.D., president, Packaging Technology & Research; Eliot Schreiber, managing partner, Alpen Advisory; Eric Schultz, vice president of business development, SGK Inc.; Elias Spartis, manager of packaging, Home Depot; Jessica Stevens, design lead—family care, Kimberly-Clark; Jay Tapp, retail packaging specialist, Vertiv Inc.; Jamey Wagner, executive creative director, Interbrand; Stuart Werle, president and creative director, Werle Design, and Roger Zellner, Rogue Zebra Consulting.

The executive committee for the 2018 PAC Global Leadership Awards includes Donna Razik, innovation manager, Molson Coors; Shirley Buchanan, communications director, Davis & Bridgemark; Ronald DeVlam, CEO and global managing partner, Webb DeVlam; David Jaggi, director of global strategic initiatives, Mars Wrigley.



Partnership Award – IC3D

Fish Out of Water Design

The PAC Partnership Award for 2018 is the iC3D software from Creative Edge Software. PAC presented this iC3D Award to Fish Out of Water Design. Selected by a panel of packaging experts, this company’s submission best exhibited the following key characteristics of the PAC Global Leadership Awards Manifesto.

  •  Do you celebrate craftsmanship in brand package design?
  • Do you showcase the power of packaging?
  • Will you covet the PAC Global Leadership Award?
  •  Are you passionate, holistic package leaders?
  •  Do you demand excellence at every stage of a brand package coming to life?
  •  Do you turn over every stone?
  • Did you prioritize sustainability ?
  •  Did you highlight innovation?
  •  Did you celebrate collaboration?
  •  Did you reward those who turn challenges into incredible solutions?

About Creative Edge Software - Creative Edge Software is a U.S. registered software development company, with UK based research and development. The innovative patented 3-D technology helps the ideation/design process in the packaging, labelling & graphics markets, and quickly enables customers to better engage with packaging while reducing the time to production. With a development pedigree spanning 26 years we have created & developed innovative software solutions for graphics companies, 3D computer games companies, leading OEMs and partners.



Partnership Award

BXP Best of Show Award


For: Bacardi | By: MW Luxury Packaging

Dustin Wills of MW Luxury Packaging receives the BXP Best of Show Award from Brand Experience magazine’s publisher Gerri Brownstein (also pictured Brand Experience magazine’s editor-in-chief) for a package that also became an interactive music center. Rather than just evoking to sound, the box actually played music from brand fans’ mobile phones. MW’s expertise in complex luxury packaging complimented the design perfectly. The intrigue and novelty factor that a pack that delivers an interactive experience is huge, and this design did not fail to perform.



Best in Class

Rebrand—Food & Beverage


For: Les Brasseurs du Nord | By: Ig2

The emblematic bear was enhanced and positioned at the heart of the new identity. Every aspect was designed to attract consumers, to invite them to reconsider and rediscover Boréale products. In the Classic line, the brand icon—the polar bear—is larger than before, giving it prominence and setting it up as the key identifying element of the brand blocking. The colored landscapes play a big role in the color-coding of the beers and the stripes of color contrast with the dark blue.


honest company

Best in Class


The Honest Company

For: The Honest Company | By: Berlin Packaging

The Honest Company’s Baby Fabric Care line speaks to the desires of millennial consumers, specifically moms, so the products must be premium, eco-conscious and user-friendly. There are three different bottle sizes with a large label panel prominently displaying the brand’s messaging and promise of a safe product made from plant-derived surfactants and food-grade preservatives. The product design and improved user-experience address the Honest Company’s overall brand purpose, “We’re on a mission to empower people to live happy, healthy lives.”


lot 40

Best in Class


Lot 40 Cask Strength Limited Edition

For: Corby Spirit & Wine Limited | By: Davis

The objective was to launch an ultra-premium limited-edition whisky while leveraging Lot 40’s core equities: brand and prominence, existing bottle, silkscreen and neck wrap. The solution was within the main label substrate and specialty name Cask Strength, along with a meticulous finish. The use of a “first edition” stamp overlaying the main label also helped to showcase the rarity of the whisky.



Best in Class

New Brand—Food & Beverage


For: Bellisio | By: Bridgemark

This free-spirited brand connects with millennials, ages 25 to 34, who are looking for snacks that satisfy their cravings, experiences that ignite and inspire, and the brands that push the boundaries of creativity to awaken passion of life. The Snakmandoo vision was brought to life in a bold, fun name and graphics that support a differentiated brand experience to evoke a sense of adventure. The typography is hand-crafted to speak to the millennial consumer.


green and blacks

Best in Class

New Brand—Food & Beverage

Green & Black’s (New Range)

For: MondelEz International | By: Bulletproof

Bulletproof developed three guiding design principles used as the foundations for future manifestations of the Green & Black’s brand: simple beauty, vibrant intensity and refined authenticity. The packaging captures the brand essence ‘a taste you can believe in’ and is inspired by the duality of the brand. Each element of the new pack was designed to communicate the story of balance.


veggies to go

Best in Class

New Brand—Food & Beverage

Veggies To Go

For: Mucci Farms | By: Mucci Farms

The goal was to create an on-the-go package for kids. The tray can fit into a common footprint, helping to optimize box, configurations, pallet optimization and shelf optimization at the store level. The goal for the graphics was to create an eye catcher that drew in a young demographic.



Best in Class

New Brand—Non-food

Chapstick DUO

For: Pfizer | By: Davis

New Chapstick DUOs create convenience and fun with its double-ended lip balm that can snap and change. The challenge was to communicate this new offering in visuals and copy on a very small package that is mostly covered by product. The design highlights the customizable features. Bright and bold colors cue flavors while giving it a personality and creating shelf impact to drive impulse purchases and stand out against competitors.


estee lauder

Best in Class

New Brand—Luxury

Estée Lauder and Victoria Beckham

For: Estée Lauder | By: MW Luxury Packaging

The challenge was to create the ultimate luxury gift set featuring one of each new Victoria Beckham make up line product. A luxurious keepsake box was created. All of the pieces inside the box base and lid are removable, so that the box can be saved forever to put other keepsakes in. The box is numbered on the bottom, so that each box is special and one-of-a-kind. There is an LED light-up mirror affixed on the inside that is removable and sized small enough for the customer to fit easily inside a purse. There is also a letter from Victoria Beckham affixed to the top of the internal fitment when the package is opened.


best of show

Best in Class

New Brand—Seasonal, Promotional, Limited Edition

BXP magazine’s Best of Show Award


For: Bacardi | By: MW Luxury Packaging

The intent was to create an interactive music center that housed the bottle of Bacardi Rum. Rather than just evoking to sound, the box actually became a speaker that you connected your device to. MW’s expertise in complex luxury packaging complimented the design perfectly. The intrigue and novelty factor that a pack that delivers an interactive experience is huge, and this design did not fail to perform.



Best in Class

New Brand—Seasonal, Promotional, Limited Edition

Oikos Greek Yogurt Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice

For: Danone Wave | By: Pigeon Brands

The design highlights the limited edition nature of the offer. The choice of colors of the packaging with the orange and emphasis on the pumpkin makes it possible to stand out from the range of Oikos products, as well as, the competition.



Best in Class

Package Innovation


For: Keurig Canada | By: Keurig Canada

Coffee is a part of the daily morning routine for most Canadians; one in five Canadian households owns and uses a Keurig coffee maker. Keurig targets consumers who appreciate the taste of a good coffee and the simplicity and convenience of Keurig. Recyclable K-Cup pods make the younger generation feel good in terms of recyclability with the single serve choice. The package innovation will enable the user to embrace sustainability without compromising simplicity and convenience.



Brand Marketing: Best of Show


For: Naturya | By: FutureBrand

The new design retains the existing bold and navigable color palette, inspired by the vibrancy of nature, but additional illustrations add a layer of energy that celebrates and heroes the quality ingredients. The design system means the packs have their own identity and personality, whilst being part of an exciting range. The additional gold on each pack adds a premium touch alongside matte substrates, which showcases the new design and high quality products.


head and shoulders

Package Innovation: Best of Show

Head and Shoulders

For: Procter & Gamble | By: Procter & Gamble

This collaboration between TerraCycle, SUEZ Environment and Procter & Gamble created the first recyclable shampoo bottle made from ‘beach plastic’ waste for the shampoo brand, Head & Shoulders. The bottle contains 25% plastic recovered from European beaches and has been on shelves in France since summer.