Flexible Packaging Association 2016 Achievement Awards

Lays Summer Promotion


The 2016 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards feature advanced enhancements in flexible packaging excellence, printing achievement, technical innovation, and environmental and sustainability achievement. Entries that are considered include a variety of flexible materials, such as paper, plastic, film and aluminum foil.



Silver—Technical Innovation
Smithfield Food Service Package utilizing Flow-Tite Shrink Rollstock Films
Submitted by: Bemis Company Inc.


The rollstock films have produced huge efficiency advantages, reducing labor 50%, increasing throughput 5% to 10% and reducing packaging SKUs by 90%. Rework and leakers have been reduced 50% through improved sealant technology.


Silver—Technical Innovation
Printpack Photochromic Bag—Self Promotion
Submitted by: Printpack


Printpack’s new photochromic technology for flexible packaging allows brand owners to create an invisible design hidden within a package’s visible graphics. The hidden design is only revealed when a consumer carries the bag into the sunlight. The concealed design can be any graphic that would surprise and delight consumers as they interact with the package outside.


Highest Achievement Award

Campbell’s Soup Ready Meals

Submitted by: Bemis Company Inc.


This self-venting retort pouch is for portable meals that looks and functions like a bowl. The BPA-free, microwaveable standup pouch makes it possible to enjoy hot meals in 60 seconds from anywhere. The easy-open tear creates an instant bowl: consumers can eat right out of the pouch, with easy cleanup.



Gold—Technical Innovation

Autoclavable Dispos-A-Vent Barrier Pouch

Submitted by: Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging’s


The Autoclavable Dispos-a-vent Barrier Pouch provides medical device manufacturers a flexible packaging option for devices requiring autoclave sterilization and moisture protection.



Gold—Technical Innovation

Daisy Brand Sour Cream Squeezable Pouch with Reclosable Dispenser Fitment

Submitted by: Sonoco Flexible Packaging


The unique Daisy Brand sour cream package takes food packaging in a creative and functional direction. The Daisy Squeeze package is an inverted, wedge-shaped pouch with a flip-top dispensing closure. The blue closure incorporates a dispensing valve and a tamper-evident pull ring. Consumers flip the cap open, remove the ring and squeeze the package.




Fresh N Tasty Bakery 12-Count Cookie Pouch

Submitted by: Robbie


The Fresh N Tasty pouch was developed for the in-store bakery department for their fresh baked cookies and other goods. The pouch also features a high-visibility window for viewing the product, a slim design for easy storage and an easy-carry handle and resealable zipper that assures freshness.


Gold - Printing and Shelf Impact
Gold - Packaging Excellence
Kohinoor Anti-Slip Bag
Submitted by: Flex Films

The bag is used for the packaging of premium rice. The special feature of this bag is an anti-slip device that prevents the bags from slipping over each other and off the stack when stacked one over the other on its flat face. The embossing delivers a very high coefficient of friction that prevents any slippage of bags when stacked several feet high.


Gold—Printing and Shelf Impact
Lay’s Summer Promotion
Submitted by: Emerald Packaging Inc.

The Lays Summer Promo is a digitally printed lamination incorporating variable data printing to allow for customer submitted photographs to be incorporated onto each package. In addition, the package contains a barcode linking the photograph to the package and the package to an individual consumer.


Silver—Printing and Shelf Impact
8-oz. Natural Great Granny Crunchy Apple Chips
Submitted by: American Packaging Corporation

An in-line laminated, reverse printed, high barrier, re-closable stand-up pouch was selected to ensure the high quality apple chips remain crisp and fresh and the resealable option allows the product to maintain its highest quality during the duration of use.


Silver—Printing and Shelf Impact
12-oz. Tis The Season Gingerbread Ground Coffee
Submitted by: American Packaging Corporation

An in-line laminated, 4-ply, reverse printed, high barrier, puncture resistant and peelable seal stand-up coffee pouch was selected to ensure the product remains fresh and the high quality of the product is maintained throughout the shelf life.


6-lb. Dr. Teal Epsom Salt Magnesium Sulfate
Submitted by: Plastic Packaging Technologies LLC

This Dr. Teal flat bottom, reclosable “Box Pouch” offers shelf impact with purposeful features. The straight sides of the flat bottom, carton-like design enables casing and freight density, shelf presentation as retail and home storage. The “Velcro” zipper provides immediate consumer recognition of the zipper that provides both tactile and audible assurance that the package properly closes after each use.


Silver—Printing and Shelf Impact
Bio-Vita Granules Seaweed 4 kg
Submitted by: Paharpur 3P


To protect the product from counterfeiting following special features are added in printing. Multiple color printed pouch with photo chromatic ink and micro text for brand security, unlike its counter parts in this particular segment.


Silver—Technical Innovation
Birla White Walcare WPP Bag
Submitted by: Flex Films Inc.


The package is a woven polypropylene stand-up bag used for packaging 40 kgs. of white cement based putty. The special feature of this bag is that it comes with a hermetically sealed block bottom and block top construction. The top construction incorporates a valve for filling; the valve is hermetically heat-sealed for closing after filling. The block bottom and block top construction are created during bag-making and are hermetically sealed to provide high barrier, to prevent water/moisture ingress and to prevent seepage of product.


Cowboy Bath
Submitted by: Berry Plastics Corporation


The Cowboy Bath package incorporates several features that accentuate this new product. The design was converted from a reverse printed trapped ink configuration to surface printed flexographic, utilizing a UV curing ink system. The metalized surface creates a visual “pop” beneath the single printed layer. The final package contains less material overall.


Silver—Packaging Excellence
Duke’s Mayonnaise, 8-oz. pouch
Submitted by: ProAmpac


The hour-glass shape stands out and provides function—ergonomically designed to fit smaller hands. The reclosable one-piece flip top spout is easy to open, snaps both open and closed, and compared to a traditional two-piece spout and cap, there’s no risk of losing the cap. Designed for either single or multi-use portability on the go, this pouch is a first for mayonnaise.


Morton Scented Epsom Salt Stand Up Pouch
Submitted by: Coveris


The Morton Scented Epsom Salt stand-up pouch is a convenient and light weight alternative to traditional gable top rigid containers.


Silver—Printing and Shelf Impact
Petsmile Pet Toothpaste
Submitted by: Glenroy Inc.


A viewer-engaging sample package of beef flavored pet toothpaste. The crisp and detailed graphic of the alert dog with a smartly worn bowtie and direct gaze creates an endearing image for the consumer.


Silver—Technical Innovation
Sureseal Dairy Films
Submitted by: Liqui-Box Corporation


The patented SureSeal Dairy Films are optimized co-extruded packaging films for high speed vertical form fill and seal pouch applications in the dairy market. The films are comprised of a sealant skin layer made of a state-of-the-art, high hot-tack resin and a specially formulated core layer that provides both stiffness and toughness; all of which provides runability and leaker resistance while reducing film gauge.


Silver—Packaging Excellence
White Lily Flour—Box Pouch with QuickZip
Submitted by: ProAmpac


The White Lily reclosable box pouch for specialty flour is a first in its category. Flour is traditionally packaged in paper-walled bags that are not reclosable. White Lily highlights its product in a package designed for shelf impact and functionality. The pouch includes a clear window to view the high quality product, improved moisture resistance, and a hook and loop zipper that doesn’t clog during contact with fine particles like flour.