Product Focus: July 2016 Issue

Metallized Beer Labels

Fasson MaxFlex Bright Silver label material from Avery-Dennison is used to make craft beer labels. The visual effects can be created when used along with matte of gloss lamination.


Box Wrap

The Box Wrap collection by Neenah Packaging features metal-like options. The Metal-X, Metal Mesh and Carbon-X Papers offer rich metallic tones with abstract and structural textures. There are embossing options that evoke hammered, brushed and meshed metals.


Metallized Film

The film provides excellent print receptivity and is a bright, lustrous solution for flexible and rigid packaging for a variety of categories, including food, beer, beverage and home and personal care.


Soft Touch

EnVision has brought Soft Touch coating to plastic packaging. Through the sense of touch, the coating stimulates the finger tips with a soft, silky feel, elevating the brand experience.


Cold Foiling

Cold Foiling decorates the front, side, rear and bottom panels, creating an upscale appearance to the men’s personal care products.


Metallic Packaging

Color-Logic says its technology is capable of more than 100 effects that are achievable to create eye-catching designs in a matter of seconds. Combining multiple effects together can create a package that outshines a brand’s competition.


Metallized Holographic Film

The Hazen Warp Drive-White Motion was created for Paramount’s remastered compilation “Star Trek: The Original Series.” Hazen designed and manufactured metallized holographic film, laminated and coated with Ultracure to optimize UV printing.


Hot and Cold Foil Stamping

Spatial FX is based on a diffractive structure, where objects appear to be a 3-D embossing, though the design remains flat on the surface. The optical effect elevates attention and desire for the consumer to touch the surface of the packaging.


Micro Engraving Printing

The Micro Engraving Printing provides options to add fine textures and metallic reflection on the surfaces of the original artwork.


Laminate Films

Luxe Films create dynamic special-effects films, including Fresnel LensCraft, Holografik, and Engravure Technology for limitless applications in packaging, print and publishing. The lamination films are technically engineered to exhibit visual effects in the presence of light.


Metal Effect

Uniform Color Company crafts customized metal-look master batches for plastics. When replacing metal or paint, molded-in effects can deliver improved performance and cost saving.