Natural Grocers announces private label products

Line includes more than 35 different items across 10 categories

Natural Grocers has announced the launch of its private label products, including more than 35 different new items across 10 categories.

“Our name has been defining the highest quality standards in the natural foods industry since before it really was an industry, so when it comes time to put our name on products, only the highest quality products will do, and we make sure that they are priced so that everyone can afford them," says Kemper Isely, Natural Grocers Co-President, in a release.

The product lineup includes organic pasta sauce, organic olive oil, organic preserves, organic bread, organic apple cider vinegar, organic tortilla chips, organic taco shells, organic canned tomatoes, organic canned beans and organic canned vegetables, organic maple syrup, organic and fair-trade coffee and organic frozen fruits are expected to be introduced in November.

Natural Grocers has also teamed up with How2Recycle, whose mission includes getting more materials into recycling bins, to create a standardized labeling system that communicates recycling instructions to the public.