Original Gummi FunMix brand spices up the candy aisle

Six varieties with up to 18 shapes and flavors in a bag.

Candy and fruit snack maker, the Promotion in Motion Companies, Inc. is shaking up the candy aisle with the launch of its new Original Gummi FunMix.

There are up to 18 individual gummi shapes, flavors and sizes in each pack, Original Gummi Funmix is a party-in-a-bag for consumers, according to SVP of marketing, Josh Shapiro.

"The endless mouth-watering combinations of shapes, textures, flavors and colors in every bag turns candy lovers into Certified Candy Mixologists," states Shapiro, who adds that experiential purchasing is driving all segments of the market. "New Original Gummi FunMix combines delicious with fun to eat."

Consumers have the ability to create thousands of delicious ways to make the FunmMix their own or invite family and friends to share the treats and create combinations.

"Once people see Original Gummi FunMix, it's not IF they're buying, it's simply which varieties," shares Shapiro. "Every variety is a knock-out, and with so many favorites, it gives you permission to buy multiple bags and mix them together. Only Original Gummi FunMix has done all that work and made it affordable!"