Summer hair woes meet their match with L'Oreal Paris

Summer is known for having lower maintenance routines, but the elements of the season can take a toll on hair. L’Oreal Paris has broken down three common hair woes and how to combat them.

When sun and chlorine have left your tresses drenched in a bad way, you can ditch dryness with a few easy-to-implement hacks:

  • Before taking a dip in the pool, the AAD suggests wetting and conditioning hair before swimming or even wearing a swim cap.  L’Oreal Paris suggests its EverPure Deep Moisture Hair Sheet Mask, which is vacation ready in its portable packaging.

When spending time outside is combined with a lapse in coloring and has your hair looking dull, bid farewell to fading and discoloration with these simple steps:

  • Blondes tend to experience fading in the summer, making purple shampoo a must have. Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel, which means they can be used to counteract one another, neutralizing dullness and turning tresses back to original blonde. Blonde or not, says L’Oreal Paris expert Kellon Deryck, always use shampoos specifically formulated to treat hair.

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