A Visual Identity Refresh for Blue Sky Soda

Stag&Hare is an independent branding and design agency that blends smart strategy with world-class design, to transform your brand idea into engaging and relevant experiences across multiple touch points, platforms, and communication channels. Our experienced, multi-disciplinary teams in New York, London, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and San Francisco work together seamlessly to bring bigger, broader thinking to your brand. Our diverse client portfolio includes a wide range of B2C and B2B brands including Coca-Cola, Georgia Pacific, and Intercontinental Hotel Group, as well as to new-to-market brands.

The agency was recently challenged to create a platform for Blue Sky soda, a regional brand with heritage in the American Southwest, to communicate its unique craft story to a national audience.

Understanding the consumer climate is increasingly focused on authentic, quality experiences the brand's all-natural ingredients – pure cane sugar, natural fruit extracts, essences, and oils – allow the brand to fit within consumers’ “Better For Me” lifestyles. So, Stag&Hare crystallized Blue Sky’s brand idea as “Rooted In Real.”

To give power to that idea in the marketplace, the agency developed a 360-degree expression of ‘real' through a design language that included materials and finishes, color palettes, typography, photography, and illustration, as well as tone of voice.

"The design language," says Andrew Kibble, Stag&Hare Founder and Creative Lead, “helps to bring to life the story of honest ingredients and true to nature philosophy at the heart of the brand. The identity expresses a spirit of freedom while retaining the longstanding heritage of the brand. The design system is anchored in a hand-crafted look and feel, evoking quality and simpler times."

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