Wheelhouse introduces its cocktails in a can

We have watched the rise of craft beer produce ever-increasingly creative packaging on aluminum cans, and then the acceptance of wine in a can, based on the convenience of the package for a younger audience who wants quality on the go.

The next wave of artisanal craft beverages in this convenient packaging is cocktails. WheelHouse Canning Co. is on the front-end of this trend with their well-balanced, bartender-crafted artisanal cocktails. Based in Denver, CO, the desire for a quality beverage that you can take with you to the multitude of outdoor venues and activities is in demand, and Wheelhouse is answering the call. 

Currently in production for release this summer, their portfolio currently includes 3 delicious options, all using fresh ingredients from cucumbers to elderflower, grapefruit, mint and thyme. 

The packaging embraces the artisan, carefully-crafted nature of the cocktails through hand-lettering, and hand-illustrated surrounds featuring the ingredients unique to each cocktail.

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