Worldstar Awards 2016

World Packaging Organisation WorldStar Awards 2016

The World Packaging Organisation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations. WorldStar Awards are presented only to those packages that, having already won recognition in a national competition, are compared by an expert panel of judges to similar packages from around the world. On these pages, you will find a sampling of the awards, based on judges' consensus, that are superior in its class in execution or innovation by comparison.


2 liter liquor bottle with handle Beverage Category Submitted by: Manjushree Technopack Ltd

The easy pour broad Guala PET bottle with handle is not easily breakable, is light weight and it has a reduced carbon footprint due to less energy and fuel used.


Pecology Bottle for Alkalized ion water Beverage Category Submitted by: Kirin Beverage Company

The bottle was developed for bottle water. The strength of the bottle is improved by the spiral structures at the lower half of the bottle, Kirin says. The shape is designed according to the result of a usability test on females.


4-Pack Carling Cherry Cider Beverage Category Submitted by: THIMM Packaging

The 4-pack of Cherry Cider combines simplicity and efficiency. The case can be easily put together without the need for gluing. For better handling with the case, a carrying handle is integrated on the back side of the case. The front part of the case is open so the products can be clearly seen.



63 Water Vital Minerals Beverage Category Submitted by: Ocean Par

The product is said to capture customer attention while transmitting its excellence, innovative approach and sustainability commitment. This is achieved by the creative design work compounding the glass bottle shape with a labeling composition.


Amarula Gold Beverage Category Submitted by: Glass Decorations CC

Significant features of the Amarula Gold is that all the inks utilized were specifically manufactured as detail was of the utmost importance. Including a 2-D elephant effect, matte metallic and high gloss gold elements, combined with a gloss black cigar band. The packaging is 100 % recyclable.


Bacardi Aultmore Whiskey Beverage Category Submitted by: Stölzle Glass Group

The simple, straight and elegant design of the heavy weight whisky bottle, in combination with its white flint glass, underlines the golden color of the whisky. The use of the uncoated paper label gives an elegant look with a tacticle feel that’s natural.


Coca-Cola Contour PET glass Beverage Category Submitted by: Manjushree Technopack Ltd.

The packaging was converted from polycarbonate to PET resulting in savings. The beauty of the packaging is the specifically designed mono-carton which is perforated and gives the impression of the product inside the glass.


Corky Cup Beverage Category Submitted by: Hai Plastic Ltd.

The corky cup was designed specifically to keep hot beverages at serving temperature while on-the-go. It’s coated with real cork, and is eco-friendly. The cup includes a screw-on lid with a spill-proof silicone seal for leak resistance.


Cumbres de Abona Beverage Category Submitted by: Avanza Packaging, S.L.

A new bottle of black glass engraved with letters of its anagram. The labels are adapted for the blind and have vibrant colors.


Devin—Crystal Line Beverage Category Submitted by: P.E.T. Engineering Srl

 The PET bottle shows a design with a glass look effect. It combines unbreakable, lightweight and low cost advantages of the PET with the concepts of elegance, character and refined simplicity of glass bottles.


Devondale Milk Shake Dairy Drinks Beverage Category Submitted by: QDesign Enterprises Pty Ltd


The stackable container and lid format of the Devondale Milk Shake dairy drinks is disruptive for the category, leading the consumer on a journey. The consumer simply pushes the straw through the specially designed lid to pierce the foil, eliminating the need to remove the lid of foil and reducing the chance of spillage.


Drinkfinity Beverage Category Submitted by: PepsiCo

Drinifinity provides the consumer a new beverage experience, with a wide range of functional products through a dual liquid concentrate/powder system in a pod. Drinkfinity is sustainable packaging that reduces the use of PET by 86 %.


Etiquetado Del Cava Gran Reserva Edicion Especial Musivari Beverage Category Submitted by: Zekogram Innova, S.L.

The usual circular dots of braille have been replaced, preserving its functionality. Musivari alludes to the meaning of science that studies the mosaic.


Gatorade Hydration Tracking Bottle Beverage Category Submitted by: PepsiCo

The Tracking Bottle is a part of the Hydration Tracking System developed by Gatorade to better meet the needs of professional and competitive athletes during training sessions. The objective of PepsiCo was to develop an enhanced sideline bottle that added fueling customization and tracked player hydration.


Gift Packaging for Wine Beverage Category Submitted by: Grafobal

The design consists of two parts: the bottom part has 4 fixation flaps created at the neck of the bottle. The upper portion of the package is fixed in the correct position, which fits in the holes in the opposite walls with a click. When the lid is removed it is enabled by two holes for fingers where when pulling out by force, you overcome the strength of the tabs. The packaging is reclosable. 


Haig Club Beverage Category Submitted by: Stölzle Glass Group

Stolzle was honored to realize the design with its clear, straight, sharp-edged body form and mold embossment on the front side. Drinking whiskey is nowadays a men-dominated market, however with David Beckham as a testimonial in the front line recognition, is as well received by women.


Istanblue Vodka Package Beverage Category Submitted by: Tasarımüssü Ltd. Co.


To express the identity and spirit of Istanbul, Tasarımüssü Ltd. Co. depicted Bosphorous with a groove on the glass, which is unprecedented in bottle designs. Asian and European, both sides of Istanbul were illustrated with alternative young and graffiti style graphics.


Lao tzu Liquor

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Yuto Packaging Technology Co. Ltd.


The design was inspired by Tai Chi diagram of the Taoist. Following the organic ancient brewing technologies, it can reflect the core culture and long history of good wine products.



Lipton Pandora Ultra

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Amcor/Lipton


Together, Lipton and Amcor joined in the development of an ultra-lightweight hot-

fill package. The result is a 30% reduction in plastic material and a new innovative design. The package features an ergonomic twisting grip and diaphragm pushup which aids in vacuum absorption. It defines design in both form and function.



Lovelle Premium Wine Carrier Beverage Category

Submitted by: Brite Koncept PTE Ltd.

Lovelle Wine Carrier is a commemorative pack in celebration of Singapore‟s Golden Jubilee.  Its feature is the electronic lighting that makes it stand out and serve as a decorative light. Its triangular shape made of E-Flute board keeps the bottle secure during transportation.



Luzhoulaojiao Liquor

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Shenzhen Yuto packaging technology Co. Ltd.


The product is made of environmentally-friendly materials, all recycled pulp processed with special technologies.

The packaging can greatly show off the effect of the bottle, with a great effect in shelf display and strong visual impact, is well protected and represents the bottle inside and also attracts the consumer.



Macrobian Tea

Beverage Category Submitted by: Nan Chang University, College of Art & Design, Wuhan University of Technology, College of Art & Design


The material is MaiFan stone; it can absorb aquatic heavy metal and releases trace elements, which is necessary and helpful for the human body, besides that, it means that the product has a long life cycle.




Micro elements

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Shenzhen HJRdeign consultant Co.,Ltd.


The product selects bamboo as its creative appeal. The “Bamboo Box” and the “Bamboo Shoot Vase” are ingenuously combined to display the visual beauty of the ecological nature. The material is Neoprene diving suit, convenient for opening natural and environmentally friendly.




Nescafe Compact Coffee Pouch

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Nestle Australia Ltd.


This product is compact headspace free soluble coffee packaging format in an easy peel laminate structure with a mess-free opening, pouring and resealability. The packet is light, compact and fits easily into the hand.



On Taosim Liquor

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Shenzhen Yuto packaging technology Co.,Ltd.


The packaging is full of oriental aesthetic taste and fun, which can be reused. Its appearance is derived from an hourglass of ancient timekeeping shape.



Packaging Container for disposable capsule coffee to prevent oxidation

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Cheonma Hanaro Co. Ltd.


This is capsule coffee packaging for a ground roasting coffee. The Modified Atmosphere

Packaging process has been applied to remove residual oxygen during the packaging process of capsule coffee.




Packaging for Jianzile Enzyme

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Guangzhou enzyme village health Co., Ltd.


The product packaging is environmentally-friendly with integrated kraft paper and honeycomb paper-

core. It perfectly keeps the curve of the product container. The label tag is made from kraft corrugated

paper with a hollow texture. Simple and unvarnished color also reflects the traditional manufacturing methods and features.



Pekoraku, Easy crushable 2L PET Bottle

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Coca-Cola Japan Company


This bottle consists of a structure design, grip design and panel design. Technically, this bottle has a weak part as well as a strong part to absorb the stress against the top pressure and side pressure.



Sirma Ice tea

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Anadolu Cam Sanayii A.S.


The wider finish of the product helps the consumer to enjoy more of the product whilst drinking it. The curved shoulder part and inverted conical body, help focus the attention on the communication area.




Smirnoff 1818 200 mL & 500 mL

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Boxmore Packaging


A conversion from glass to PET packaging to meet the local market demand for small pack sizes, which are lightweight and convenient to handle, has led to increased volume sales and market share growth. Weight and CO2 reduction ensures this pack fits well into the brand owner’s environmental responsibility targets.




Smirnoff Double Black Vodka

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Glass Decorations CC



The pack includes a slightly transparent coating effect, seemingly Black. However light reflecting through the bottle transforms it into a deep ocean/night sky Blue. A similar effect for the glitter Blue ink, which appears black, while light exposes the striking glitter effect. Finally, high gloss Silver foiling adds exclusivity.



Stelvin Inside Beverage Category Submitted by: Amcor


Amcor, the pioneer of Stelvin aluminium closures for wine launched Stelvin Inside a brand new range of four different liners. The innovative marks are a watershed moment in the history of closures. The range doubles wine maker’s OTR choice, offering far more tools to help craft and perfect their wine.

OTR stands for Oxygen Transfer Rate (through the closure or film).





Su-Style art liquor

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Jiangsu Yanghe Distillery Co.,Ltd Shenzhen HJRdeign consultant Co.,Ltd.


The design perfectly achieves the combination of art and life. The five cups of “kindness, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trustworthiness” represent the “Five Constant Virtues” culture of Confucianism. The shape of “Ruyi”, a traditional Chinese auspicious element, is used as the idea for the body part of bottle, which means auspicious, peace and best wishes to life.




Sutas Ayran 300 mL

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Sutas Sut Urunleri A.S.



It’s the first custom-made bottle design with its ergonomic, stylish and environmentally friendly approach in the dairy market. It’s inspired from the latest beverage consumer trends: “Health & Wellness”, “convenience” and

“premiumisation”. It is a recycled glass bottle.






TC Wrap Beverage Category Submitted by: Graphic Packaging International



This pack demonstrates true innovation in packaging by systematically removing board from the footprint to obtain a smaller carbon footprint and greater manufacturing efficiency. Also, improved locking mechanisms enhance can retention.




Tea Packaging for Ducumu

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Shenzhen Green Song Design Consultant Co., LTD.


This work consists of linen and paper from pure raw material, the energy-saving LED lamp and mobile power supply, which is not only an elegant green pack but also has solved the problem of wastage, caused by packaging designed perfectly, as its base can be assembled simply and into a small lamp.





Tetra Evero Aseptic

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Tetra Pak


Tetra Evero Aseptic, the world’s first aseptic carton bottle, is now available to pack products with oxygen sensitive enrichments, thanks to a new barrier material made of high density polyethylene in the package top. It features flat side panels on an otherwise cylindrical carton body, making it easy to hold.





Texeal Beverage Category

Submitted by: Oriental Containers Limited



Texeal is an innovative closure, made out of Aluminum sheet. It is side embossed and chamfered without bead. This improves the technology by eliminating the conventional top beading. This provides an enlarged portion for chamfering the logo and name, giving enhanced glittering view which in turn

gives consumer appeal to the product.





Warsteiner range alu bottle

Beverage Category

Submitted by: Ardagh Group


A Series of 7 shaped aluminum bottles decorated in HD dry offset. The enhanced printing techniques with sharp screens, combined with solid covering colors on brushed transparent metal effects and gold tones as well as 100 % coverage of the bottle including the neck area, obtained the desired effects.



Wine’s horizontal pack Beverage Category

Submitted by: FuturePack Consulting Packaging Company



The artwork is inspired by the similarities leather; the case has a latch for proper closure. Cardboard, special knife, cut, crease designed for transport in a safe and beautiful way. The leather artwork reminiscent of an old case gives sophistication. It’s sustainable for being cardboard.



A novel package design by the topology optimization method

Electronics Category

Submitted by: Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

In order to reduce the cost of packaging, the design team optimizes the LCD panel box by using the method of topology optimization and uses the finite element simulation software to analyze the mechanical properties and obtain the main stress distribution; this means the rest of the buffer structure can be removed and the material volume is decreased.


CS-3 Packaging for Various Robots

Electronics Category

Submitted by: Tokaishiki Co., Ltd.

Tokaishiki aimed at following item realization; downsizing of the package for transportation cost reduction, improvement of assembly and improvement of disposal. The CS3 package offers various functions usability.



Gift box for Set top device

Electronics Category

Submitted by: VG Komarom

This package breaks the traditional look of the set-top box; it is designed to satisfy the client’s needs. VG Komarom put emphasis on the appearance of the packaging to reflect the quality value of product. The packaging can be recycled and reused for magazines, newspapers, packaging materials and auxiliary materials.


Loudspeaker 2 in 1

Electronics Category

Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa GmbH

The advantages of the Loudspeaker 2 in 1 packaging are the one part solution for two loudspeakers, the product protection by overseas transport, easy and fast erecting, tp packing without foil or foam and simpler handling for the customer.



WD-HGST Multi-Pack Reflex Cushion for Hard Disk Drives

Electronics Category

Submitted by: Reflex Packaging

The Reflex Multi Pack Cushion for Western Digital Drives is a winner for its innovative design, which deliveres performance on protection with multi-functionality, a cost saving benefit for the user’s company and at the same time helps sustain the environment.



Thermoformed foam tray

Electronics Category

Submitted by: Adu Alba Kft.


The product helps with packaging protecting and cost reduction. It’s a low weight pack and 100% reuseable for even the same usage.



Vertical Life Stage

Electronics Category

Submitted by: Lenovo

Magnetic wings fold out to raise the product into central view. It rests on a core island suspended above the inner box by the same paper lining, the inner wings. Cutouts allow easy removal of the product which reveals a large flap hiding two openings for product literature and accessories.



“MorePackConcepts – Pizzabox 2.0”

Food Category

Submitted by: DS Smith

The pizza box adds functionality for the customer as well as the pizza shop. It provides an integrated foldable box for leftovers and a pre-filled compartment with surprises or advertisement to support cross-selling of goods and services. The new concept cover of the box provides access to the "secret" compartment from the top and includes a perforated foldable box for leftovers, which can be taken out from the bottom of the cover compartment.



“Yanbangchuzi” Motai box

Food Category

Submitted by: Sichuan guge dynasty brand design consultant Co., Ltd.

This packaging design not only highlights the product attributes, but also has strong visual impact on the shelf.

The raw material is environmentally friendly bamboo fiber paper, which could reduce packaging weight and costs, promote the sustainable development of the green packaging industry. The packaging box can be 100% recycled and completely natural degradation, non-pollution and no harm to the ecological environment.




“Inert barrier technology”

Food Category

Submitted by: Greiner Packaging AG

"Inert barrier technology (ibt)", enhances food shelf life in the plastic containers. The SiOx coating is applied in a high vacuum chamber. It brings significant benefits not only for barriers, but also for migration, aroma and enhances the protective function.




28 mm Fliptop Closure Range

Food Category

Submitted by: African Closures

South Africa’s first one-piece tamper-evident hinged closure designed locally especially for PET bottles with 28 mm 1881 necks for food application. It eliminates the need for costly liners and recycles easily. Simple snap on application makes it compatible with the wide range of existing competitively priced 1881 preforms for modern convenience.





Anti Skid & High Matt BOPP Film

Food Category

Submitted by: Max Specialty Films Limited

It features "extremely high friction and high matt finish". The product is used as the outer web of a packaging laminate for applications in bulk- packaging bags. Inside is a printable glossy surface whilst the outside is an untreated matte specifically designed to provide anti-skid performance during storage and transportation of commodities.






Bandeja Pitufo

Food Category

Submitted by: Flexografica Del Mediterraneo, S.L.

Active packaging with antibacterial properties and ethylene absorber

delays the ripening of the tomato and results in 30% less product in poor condition in 20 days.




Can & tableware—integrated design

Food Category

Submitted by: Nanchang University College of Art & Design, Wuhan University of Technology

The fork and spoon are designed in the cover. Simple, convenient, low cost and

easy to use. It also saves on disposable tableware, saves huge resources and reduces pollution.





Carbon applied food packaging film

Food Category

Submitted by: EnKorea

Carbon applied food packaging film, fused technically by the mixture of carbon with wrapper based raw material. The carbon applied food packaging film has a barrier effect blocking -the oxygen that makes the food decomposed, thus maintaining freshness longer.





Carnation Cooking Cream Plastic Can

Food Category

Submitted by: Nestle Australia Ltd


Plastic can packaging format makes cream available year round to consumers as it is shelf-stable, and is easy to store, open, pour and reseal with a modern look and feel, reinvigorating the traditional “milk-in-a-can” pack format.

Thermoformed cup with aluminum easy peel seamed end, LLDPE overcap, & PET light-blocking shrink sleeve.





Chang Er’s Handbag

Food Category

Submitted by: Modern-Pak Pte Ltd.


Multi-purpose packaging design, capable of many uses. The packaging has dual functionality: able to use exteriorly as a handbag, inside it is able to store moon cakes.






Chipi chips Country

Food Category

Submitted by: Studio Grozic d.o.o.


A new brand member of Franck chips family–Country Chipi Chips. Easy open seal is used to increase functionality and consumer’s satisfaction. The package is designed to utilize the existing filling machine, which reduces final product expense. All graphics on the packs are hand drawn and high quality copper plate print was used to bring up the traditional look and feel of this product, and to express fine lines in drawings.




Christmas Cheese Selection

Food Category

Submitted by: Grafobal, akciová spoločnosť

The delicate to minimalistic graphic stands out due to the predominant yellow color on the packaging -the natural color of the cheese. The visual impression is enhanced by the tactile sensations when handling the packaging which surprises with its soft velvety touch of the special lacquer.



Deepavali Gift Pack

Food Category

Submitted by: Starlite Printers Pte Ltd.

This packaging box is created to celebrate Deepavali, a festival that marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. The box takes the shape of an oil lamp completed with a flame at the top which aligns to the other name of the occasion, the Festival of Lights. Geometric patterns known as rangoli are used to decorate the lamp, these artworks are to usher deities into the home, so that they can bless the household for the year ahead.



DHL Parcel Multibox

Food Category

Submitted by: DHL Paket GmbH

Allocation of space is realized by cool packs or insulation walls; Flexible integration of certified bottle inserts e.g. 12 wine bottles with optimal refrigeration; Tamper-evident closure with insert seals; Carrier label for shipping label allows removing without leaving any residue.



Insulated Eco-Friendly Package

Food Category Submitted by: CJ CheilJedang

This package includes both the eco-friendly aspect and the consumer convenience aspect through the paper cup playing a role as a lid and a container.





Food Category

Submitted by: Elif

Elif offers holographic printing as a differentiating solution for food packaging. ElifHolo is suitable for recycling since it doesn’t require lamination, nor includes metal substrates.


Embraceable platter and dome lid

Food Category

Submitted by: Anchor Packaging

This platter is designed with a locator ring in the bottom that holds the standard paper food container. The oval platter is made with calcium carbonate and reduces polypropylene resin by 40 %.



Banderoles and labels for meat

Food Category

Submitted by: STI Petofi Nyomda Kft.

Six different wrap belts were manufactured to trays containing Angust premium meat products and one self-adhesive label to gastro packages. Both packages were made with offset printing.


E-Z SnackPak

Food Category

Submitted by: ProAmpac


This packaging pouch transforms into a serving tray upon opening, providing an interesting experience, added product protection during distribution and its packed efficiently in shippers, multipacks or shelf-ready cartons.



Kesselchips Display

Food Category

Submitted by: DS Smith Packaging


The promotional kettle-shaped display is an eye catcher at point of sale, with its unusual design and simple handling. It’s distinguished by a striking graphic composition with a high-quality four-color offset print and the poster on top is visible from two sides and creates a high distant effect.




Food Category

Submitted by: Pirlo GmbH & Co KG


The olive oil bottle has been provided with an embossed logo at the top. This unusual package design is a selling point for olive oil a very heavily advertised market segment.



Garcia Puente: Innovador Pack 5 Huevos Camperos

Food Category

Submitted by: Alzamora Packaging, S.A.


Innovative package made entirely of cardboard, 100 % sustainable and recyclable. This original formal 5-eggs online differentiates and attracts the attention of consumers, practical and manageable.



Gulliver “Gourmet Selection”

Food Category

Submitted by: The Factory Chocolat Private Limited


“Gourmet Section” has a compact packaging. A matte black finishing and laminated embossed fruit images on the box that showcases a mysterious treasure-trove-like box; inner securely sealed trays that retain the chocolates’ taste, hygiene and freshness.




Food Category

Submitted by: Pirlo GmbH & Co KG

The GustoCan is 110 % made of tinplate, which distinguishes it from common packaging for products with volatile flavor. Metal packaging protects the sensitive filling products optimally from light and air. Initially, a tear-off sheet protects the product from air and the twist lock guarantees protection against environmental influences.



Hari Raya Box

Food Category

Submitted by: Starlite Printers Pte Ltd.

This box takes after the shape of a “ketupat” or rice cakes, and is created to celebrate the Hari Raya Aidlifitri, a festival that marks the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. The box is comprised of two parts, an external part that depicts a bamboo woven ketupat and an internal tray.




Hershey’s Chocotubes

Food Category

Submitted by: Hershey do Brasil Ltd.

This packaging used in-mold label technology. It is an instant consumable product for use on-the-go, keeping chocolate crème and wafer tubes separated by a central wall and well-sealed, enabling products to always be fresh.



Hydrozorb H-PET

Food Category

Submitted by: Waddington Europe

Hydrozorb is a material from sustainable recyclable low carbon materials demonstrating suitable characteristics in their packaging applications to replace polystyrene that is not accepted in the waste stream.




Intercontinental Hotel 20th Anniversary Premium Mooncake Box

Food Category

Submitted by: DPC Packaging Pte Ltd.

The structure showcases the grand façade of the hotel when open. The flap immediately shows the warm carpet feel. The tray was printed on high quality satin cloth, armed with two clear acrylic holding steadily when lifted.




Jimbo’s Pet Food Range

Food Category

Submitted by: QDesign Enterprises Pty Ltd. & Bonson Industrial Co. Ltd

The Jimbo’s Pet Food range packaging has increased efficiency, improved supply chain, durable, reduced waste, increased shelf appeal, consumer safety, post-use design and improved accessibility.




Kellogg Special K Quad Seal Bag

Food Category

Submitted by: Kellogg Company


It’s an 8-color matte finish and 2-ply quad seal bag delivers a fresh new look for Special K Cracker and Popcorn Chips. Flexographic printing provides realistic food images on a package that delivers stand-up ability for lightweight food.




Mei Balance Mini Cup

Food Category

Submitted by: Meiji Co. Ltd.

This package for enteral formula “MEIJI Mei Balance Mini” has changed brick packs to plastic cups. It is possible to be handled easily with a smart package size, a comfortable straw size and a characteristic cap design.



Multilayer/High barrier and Printed Films

Food Category

Submitted by: Korozo

Since Korozo has been specializing in multilayer/high barrier-printed top films over the years, Korozo is now also capable of providing the same highest quality for its soft bottom films.




Murray Goulburn Flip-Top Cream Cap

Food Category

Submitted by: Pact Group



The flip top lid makes opening the cream a single action. Consumers break the tamper evidence in one step as opposed to the traditional two. The new cap conquers the common complaint of the cream splattering when the tamper evident ring of the old style unraveled and cap removed.





Food Category

Submitted by: PT.Bukit Muria Jaya


Napak is an innovative, Go-Green packaging without the glue, that can make it easier for people to bring all the menus ordered using one hand and the benefit is also that at the movie theatre, people can use the package as a holder for the cup at their chair.




Plastic using super absorbents

Food Category

Submitted by: Mosspack Co. Ltd.


The pack can be used in a wide variety of packaged oily food, such as seasoned laver and snack. The plastic sheet increases shelf life and quality of the product through its absorption rate.




Ovotherm egg-packs

Food Category

Submitted by: Ovotherm International


Ovotherm uses 100% recycled material for the production of clear egg-packaging, a product providing maximum protection for fragile eggs. This product is made from 100% post-consumer PET material, showing the lowest carbon footprint, energy and water consumption in the total life cycle.





Food Category

Submitted by: Ukrplastic



The package is a “Doy-Pack” type package for Nescafe natural instant coffee. It is made of a three-layer high barrier laminate, which preserves the taste and aroma of the product. The package, which is commercially available, has a convenient zip-fastener, allowing the user to repeatedly open and close the product.




Pyramidal boiling rice bag

Food Category

Submitted by: Schwarze Automation GmbH & Pavel Blazek



This boiling rice bag allows for better protection for the consumer to avoid incineration, there is increased convenience to use boil-in-bag package and a reduction of foil consumption compared to traditional bags.



Range of ThermaLite Jars

Food Category

Submitted by: Plastipak Packaging


These hot-fill pasteurisable PET jars are used to replace glass for food. This achieves significant weight and carbon footprint savings.




Rectangular bucket with sachet

Food Category

Submitted by: Ting Industria


Ting has presented an 100% recyclable bucket, IML vivid colors printed that allows the consumer to see its content, easily carried by the handle, firmly stackable, storage efficient and recloseable and reusable.




Safya Sunflower Oil

Food Category

Submitted by: Tasarimussu Ltd. Co.


For successful brand identity, ease of pouring, safe handling and good haptic perception slim wasted form is being designed .For unification of the label area with form aesthetically oil drop abstraction on label area is being created.



Snacki & Go!

Food Category

Submitted by: Greiner Packaging AG



A packaging concept on the Hungarian market: a K3 cup with a resealable IML lid. A heat-resistant package that would also ensure maximum protection for mini frankfurters.




Food Category Submitted by: Plastipak


ThermaLite jar used by Helios for tomato sauce with asparagus and mushrooms, is undoubtedly the best alternative to glass. It weighs 85% less, not broken, is completely transparent, 100 % recyclable, you can fill in lines for glass jars, using closures twist-off standards and means an important saving in logistical area and carbon footprint.



Thimm xPose lift

Food Category

Submitted by: Thimm Verapackung GmbH + Co. Kg



THIMM xPose lift -jump is packaging with an integrated product lifter element. When the lid is removed the second product level is automatically lifted and ensures a higher product visibility. The benefits are the optimization of logistical transportation volumes through its one-layered transportation and effective two-layered presentation.



Tin Pop-Up Pourer

Food Category

Submitted by: Jump n’ Pour


The innovative Jumping Pourer brings significant improvement in opening the product and, more importantly, smooth and mess-free pouring.




Unilever Pot Noodle Tray

Food Category

Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa



Moving away from shrink-wrap, this new tray and hood is 100% recycled and recyclable board and efficiently delivers environmental, logistical and retail ready benefits using existing automated production lines.




Valio Eila Cream pudding

Food Category

Submitted by: RPC Superfos



Valio Eila Cream pudding is a ready-to-eat dessert pack with an easy and convenient click-solution for easy serving and a tasteful experience. For desserts, snacks, convenience products, ”Open package, turn upside down, click three times, wait a moment and lift the pack. Enjoy!”




Zzim pak

Food Category

Submitted by: Taebang Patec


This package is said to improve food quality, greater retention of food juices, original flavors and moisture-up to 2 to 5% more. Evenly heated giving the consumer food similar to steaming.



Armani Gio Blue

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Stölzle Masnieres, Stölzle Glass Group


The use of this new inkjet decoration technique allows to print photo realistic images on a variety of bottles shapes, and no limits to colors. The combination of the stunning Armani Island image on the back side and the brand’s name printed on the front creates, in addition, a stunning 3-D effect.



Cardboard box family

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft.


The carton packaging of facial creams from environmentally conscious farming, containing only vegetable raw materials are made with six—color offset printing. The main graphic element is highlighted with the glossy UV varnish used on the surface. The boxes with an extended front side can be opened and closed with tuck in flap.




Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Elif


ElifFine is an optimum solution for environmental packaging, based on natural materials. Although ElifFine feels like paper, it has some specific advantages above paper. ElifFine is light-weighted due to mineral fill, and eliminates lamination used for barrier properties.



Esprique Basemake Series

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Kose Corporation


Using the technique to precisely fit the relief of transfer foil with the relief on the case, casted in one part while it generally needed two parts, expressed with luxury and three-dimensional graphics as if it's limited design. We changed the design without making a new mold by only changing its color, also effectively reducing the cost.




Fair Eye

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Cadila Healthcare Ltd.


Pack featuring impregnable, covert anti-counterfeit feature by encrypting voice data into an inconspicuous “dot‟ pattern which can be read by a special device. The special nozzle of the tube enables safe and precise application of the product. Extra premium look achieved through combination of vibrant colors and printing effects.



Foaming technology

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG


The “physical foaming” process is purely physical and does not require any chemical additives. A special gas is injected into the middle layer of the bottle wall; this creates bubbles in the material, which reduces the density and the plastic consumption.



Tube laminate

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Danaflex

Laminate combines the benefit of aluminum tube properties with the look and feel of plastic. The “New Generation” of laminate tubes uses the most modern technology to produce a tube with the industry’s most aesthetic minimal seam, providing maximum space for graphics and brand decoration.




Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Viva HealthCare Packaging


This injection molded tube with in mold label presented the following benefits : metallic effect on 100 % of the surface with no seam, all components manufactured and printed under the same roof; all components in PP and an LCA showing this tube uses 35% less energy to produce.



Jill Stuart Lip Blossom

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Kose Corporation


A proposal for an innovative cosmetic method for the lipstick container: Open a part of the flower motif designed with brilliant cut stones decorating the top of the cap, and you will find a small secret mirror to touch up your makeup. The flower petals are slightly protruding from the cap to camouflage the hinge.



SprayPET Aerosol

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Plastipak Packaging


This PET aerosol container replaces tinplate or aluminum for a 29% lower carbon footprint than aluminum and a 36% lower total environmental footprint. It’s 100% recyclable and does not dent or rust.



Pintura En Polvo Sobre Envases de Vidrio

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Pime Industrial Painting


Pime Industrial Painting are powder paint applicators who have developed a coating process for glass containers, dedicate to the perfume and cosmetic sector. The power can provide sensory shiny finishes as soft-touch effect, textured, rough, smooth, matte, and glossy.



Royal Golden Been Venom Cream

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Celltrion Skincure Co., Ltd.


The design concept is based on the Korean bee venom. The container adopts an octagon shape to remind consumers of a bee hive. Each edge of the container has a diamond shape cut to make a beautiful and luxurious image by the light reflections from multi-direction.



SensatioNail Glitter box

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft.


Screen-printed UV glitter spot varnish brings sensational impact to the packaging. As the print matches the nail polish colors exactly, shoppers can see the effect of the product without opening the box.


Sensodyne Mouthwash

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: GSK


The new structural packaging design for Sensodyne mouthwash improves impact at shelf through its distinctive bottle shape; conveys the brand values of expertise, understated confidence and trust and delivers improved usability with an “easy to see‟ measuring cap that helps all users dose the correct amount, whilst incorporating child resistance.


Shoushugen Fuwarea

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Filling air-freshener gel into the cup, then seal it airtight by tack label.

When used, peel off the front tack label. By using newly developed tack label which can make water and fragrance airtight, the company made it easier to open with lighter force compared with conventional heat sealing film.



Soap Cartridges L’Occitane au Bresil

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Antilhas Embalagens Editora e Gráfica S.A.


High printing technology to achieve the artisanal aspect for the product made in automatic process, obtaining technological and cost differentiation. Highlight to special texture finishes in mini-frames and matte silver hot stamping. High consumer acceptance, exceeding sales forecast in more than 50% on the initial order.



SprayPET Reveal Transparent BOV Aerosol Solution

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Plastipak Packaging


Designed to replace aluminum or tinplate aerosol containers with multi-material pouches that opens up new potential for eye-catching aerosols for maximum shelf-impact. Container is 100 % recyclable.



“Protect Yourself” Tubes

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Pirlo GmbH & Co KG


Although it is not mentioned at all, even individual requirements for a sun cream are expressed by the design of the sports tubes, such as suitability for extreme situations. This product packaging has a signal effect and attracts the attention of the customer at the POS.



Victorinox eLLa

Health & Beauty Category

Submitted by: Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance AG


Incorporating the values of the Victorinox brand–design, innovation, quality, functionality–Victorinox eLLa embodies it all. The ON/OFF closure replaces the cap, the rubber protects the glass, the feminine strap can be used as a key ring and the integrated mirror is the absolute highlight which makes this packaging unique.



3M Patch Plus Primer

Household Category

Submitted by: TricorBraun



This 4 in 1 product includes all that a home-owner would need to prep their walls prior to painting. With spackle, primer, a putty knife, and sand paper all in 1 product, this package successfully brings all 4 of these together.

With a 1 inch plastic putty knife on the top of this modified bottle, and a red double wall closure with sand disc top, this package brings all products together in one easy hand held product.



Gift Packaging “Christmas Surprise”

Household Category

Submitted by: Austra Pak


The box looks mysterious in its simplicity from the outside. A miracle happens when it’s opened–the white box becomes a festive Christmas time scenery-3-D playground where to play with the received gift and other toys.

The box is made from micro-corrugated board, covered with an offset-printed paper layer and laminated; the elements on the inside are notched to reinforce the 3-D effect.


CuCute One-push clear gel

Household Category

Submitted by: Kao Corporation


In consideration of user-friendly and eco-friendly design, "One Action Measuring Bottle" is developed as the revolutionary package for gel type automatic dishwasher detergent. Simply composed of the bottle and the closure, this package is able to discharge a regular dose per one push with one hand.




Household Category

Submitted by: Elif


ElifCare BioMaterial with Unlimited Shelf Life: Elif offers a new flexible packaging solution for brand owners with its patented biodegradable material. ElifCare is suitable for common printed packaging solutions used in food, home and personal care sectors.




Household Category

Submitted by: Plastipak Packaging


LiquiPak is leak-free, is tamper-evident with a child-safe closure, includes warning triangle for visually impaired. The bottle includes UV barrier to protect e-liquid from light.



Lavatory Faucet Box

Household Category

Submitted by: Modern Oluklu Mukavva Ambalaj San ve Tic A.Ş


Lavatory faucet settles strictly into the box due to its triangular prism shaped design, preventing deformation of the product by moving and minimizing the lost volume inside the box.



Permatex Fast Orange Hand Cleaner

Household Category

Submitted by: Berlin Packaging

Redefining the use of disc closures, this new package changed the hand cleaner category and gave consumers a new reason to buy. The design places the rocker disc-top on the package bottom. Users tap the corner on any flat surface to open and dispense, then tap the spout to close.



Trigger spray bottle

Household Category

Submitted by: Mifa AG



With its spray bottles Mifa developed an innovative and eco-friendly packaging for cleaning agents. The spray bottles are being produced from 100% recycled, post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate in a closed loop (without down-cycling).


Sustainable box for shoes

Household Category

Submitted by: Rondo Ganahl AG


For the lid it was required to have the brown paper outside with a white logo and inside white printed for instructions. But the bottom part had to be white outside. We produced both parts in one step with following solution: The lid was separated, turned and mountain folded.



Cadbury Glow

Luxury Category

Submitted by: Mondelez International


Cadbury Glow offers consumers an expressive chocolate brand that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Cadbury Glow is a chocolate gift filled with thoughtful details. The beautiful graphics focus on the specialness of the gifting moment, as the consumer removes the luxurious sleeve, the gold treasure box is revealed. The dual hinged doors open to reveal jewel-like pralines placed delicately inside.



Happy Blossom

Luxury Category

Submitted by: Siam Kraft Industry Co., Ltd.


The Happy Blossom intertwines itself by a folding and locking technique where no glue is needed so as to reduce resource consumption. Besides, fascinating shape and colorful color make it the powerful eye-catcher when displayed on shelf. It can also be adapted to store miscellaneous items after main use. The packaging conveys the concept of 4-layer tiffin carrier whereby each layer can hold 1 piece of moon cake.



Jean Leon Estuche Libro

Luxury Category

Submitted by: Jean Leon S.L.


When opening the cover, the ' reader ' discover two wines of the property and the documentary "A Man, A Time, A Wine.’



King Peter

Luxury Category

Submitted by: Avanza Packaging, S.L.


The bottle, premium model made in glass, highlighted by the delicate play of transparency and reflection, achieved through a process of matting with high resolution reserve including screen printing and hot stamping complex in silver.




Luxury Category

Submitted by: MW Luxury Packaging



This limited edition carry case is crafted in hand-stitched dark blue PU leather and the thread is the contrasting Blue Note lighter blue. Inside there is a velvet covered tray carrying the two Sonos speakers and beneath this there is a disc and beautiful hardback book documenting its history. The carry case is finished with a handle and clasps evocative of a traditional vinyl record case.



The Prosperous Emperor

Luxury Category

Submitted by: Siam Kraft Industry Co. Ltd.


The Prosperous Emperor is eco-friendly packaging as it is wholly made from recycled and FSC-certified paper. Furthermore, value is added by its fan-shaped and colorful design to be delivered as a gift in the Chinese New Year festival creating irresistible impression to receivers.



The Queen of Moonlight

Luxury Category

Submitted by: Siam Kraft Industry Co. Ltd.


Outstanding design and eye-catching color of the box draws the  emotion of receivers to feel the beauty of moonlight through the window. Moreover, the packaging itself is attached with a handle to be portable so as to reduce paper bag usage. It can also be adapted to an accessory box or used for home decoration.



Victorinox Ella

Luxury Category

Submitted by: Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance AG


The on/off closure replaces the cap, the rubber protects the glass, the feminine strap can be used as a key ring and the integrated mirror is the absolute highlight which makes this packaging stand out.



“London-Eye” Promotion Display

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Panther Packaging


Designed in the form of a Ferris wheel, very similar to “London-Eye,” it fits perfectly in communication strategy of the product and links product and country of origin in a special way.




Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Pirlo GmbH & Co KG


Music and mobile refrigerator is combined in one piece of packaging: the unusual form of packaging and the integrated Bluetooth speaker stand out from other products in its segment.


Efes Light Bottle Packaging with Handle

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Camis, Ambalaj Sanayi A.S.


The packaging is designed to attract the customers attention by implementing a 40-digit sleeve on both sides, which emphasizes that the product has 40% less calories.



Fishing Season Display

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: DPN Reklam Hizmetleri ve lletisim Cozumleri


Red colored fish trays, fresh veggies and floor lamps reflect the warmth of the tradition of fishing season and the combination of elements with the product display units; the emphasis was on “raki-fish fit.”



Galaxy Little Treats

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa


For the fast-growing, treat-size sector, this divided RRP showcase makes hand-packing easy. It delivers upright, forward-facing product and branding through transit, picking, preparation and point-of-sale.



Hexagonal windowed dispenser display

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Beflex Ltd.


Products are easily available due to the gravity of the dispenser system, refilling easily from the top. The display is fully recyclable, and cardboard combined with transparent PET ‘windows’ keeps the products protected, but visible.



Ready-to-eat cereal carton

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Kellogg Company



The Kellogg Company introduces the Disney Frozen ready-to-eat cereal carton. The traditional carton was enhanced with a metallized PET holographic foil laminate to help capture the movie theme and visually enhance the appearance of the carton, making it pop on shelf.



Supermarket Display Unit

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Crimson CS Private Limited


A creative display was developed that could be placed a super markets in order to create awareness about the new product and also attract attention especially from children, given that the product is flavored milk in a UHT pack.




PepsiCo Mixups Display

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa


The displays were created to encourage shoppers to try the new products through disruptive in-store theatre, encouraging the inclusion of ‘Mixups’ in their family time gatherings. The TRDU used five color, pre-printed liner for economies of scale.




PepsiCo Doritos ‘Score and Win’

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa


The innovative design creates a mirrored half pallet TRDU unit. By utilizing a single print design, the half pallet can be rotated 180-deg. To sit alongside its identical twin creating a full pallet display.




Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: Packaging Solutions Ltd.


The integrated pallet is made from 5-layers of corrugated cardboard,  saving on plastic/wooden pallets. Pre-Pack is assembled and filled by one person without additional fastening, means at the factory or by the co-packer and ready for the POS displaying.



Valeo Auto Bulb Blister packs

Point of Sale Category

Submitted by: EcoBliss India PVT Ltd


The material used to design these blister packs is 100 % recyclable, environmental friendly, uses 66% less plastic. The Halogen bulbs used for automobiles are usually packed in small carton boxes which has less presentation on shelves.



“Pon-Pa” box

Transit Category

Submitted by: Toto Ltd.


“Pon-Pa” is a tapeless carton box structure that is benefical in efficiency and safety during transport operation. The box is easily opened. Only a few simple motions within one second required, no knife or clutter required to prevent damage.



Advanced ExPak XL

Transit Category

Submitted by: NEFAB Packaging Hungary Ltd.


Returnable nailless plywood packaging solution can be assembled by one man, safely and quickly without tools. The foam fitment system provides protection against shock and scratches. It’s sized optimized for the whole logistic chain and can be delivered flat, resulting in cost savings and environmental benefits.




Automotive Returnable and Foldable Tray

Transit Category

Submitted by: Green Packaging Kft.


This PP channel plastic returnable tray solution replacing an old one way corrugated paper pack. This solution saves tons of paper, protects the environment, has economic benefits and is sustainable. The tray protects the automotive steel parts against friction, damages and foldable during return.



Carry Box

Transit Category

Submitted by: DS Smith


This packaging is for maintenance workers and is easy to lift and carry, carry two-at-a-time and with one hand. The handles are conveniently placed and it’s easy to open—just grab and pull.




Clip-Lok Transit Category Submitted by: Clip-Lok SimPak

Clip-Lok SimPak introduces a world’s first-finger releasable plastic clip for use in assembling Clip-Lok creates made of sheet materials. The easy-open clip mechanism makes it simple to open the crate. No tools are required to release the clips.


Corrugated Bee-Box Transit Category Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa

The Corrugated Bee-Box allows beekeepers to transport bee-colonies together with honeycombs in a user-friendly way. Advantages compared to wooden boxes: 86% cost saving, 50% reduced transport routes, 75% CO2 emission savings, 80% less storage area and 90% less weight.


Embalaje Para El Transporte Transit Category Submitted by: Cartonajes Font S.A.

The advantages of the carton for car bumpers is saving logistics costs, product protection, image, recyclable and saving storage space.


Enviro Barrier Transit Category Submitted by: Pope Packaging

Enviro Barrier, multiwall papersack for cement, industrial powders and foodstuffs which is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. The used package can be disposed via paper recycling system, composting or into landfill.


Packaging Range Transit Category Submitted by: DS Smith Heavy Duty

The solution is adaptable, scalable and 100% recyclable, replacing presswood board and non-recyclable vinyl tape. It suits the many different shapes and sizes range of high value industrial glazed roof lights for global distribution.


Automower Transit Category Submitted by: Saica Pack

This is a systematically designed corrugated pack to carry a large automatic lawn mower, desined to save the customer 40% on current packaging material costs, reducing pack volume, whilst improving on the overall protection and pass the required test schedule.


Overseas Transport Packaging Transit Category Submitted by: Mosonpack Kft.

This is an easier packaging process with less amount of time spent, less employee claim. Recyclable packaging, source reduction compared to the previous packaging, 250% savings material.


Safe Storage Corner Transit Category Submitted by: Smurfit Kappa Sweden

This box is based on standard RSC-design and works on current production lines with maintained efficiency. The safe area is created automatically when erecting the box and stops the product from being damaged by sharp objects.


Saica E-wine Transit Category Submitted by: Saica Pack

Wine bottles packaging designed for parcel shipments. Its design protects the bottles on the three axes of impact, preventing damage.


Turbo V Ion Source packaging Transit Category Submitted by: Greenpac Pte Ltd.

Re-engineered packaging solution for medical device provides further cost down for the customer which translates into long-term savings. The packaging is 100% environmentally friendly.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Box Transit Category Submitted by: Aerospace Wanyuan Enterprises Corp.

It can be sealed without adhesion agent, has environmental protection and adapts symmetrical structure, so it can be manufactured by one set of molds which can reduce cost. Take the oriented structural straw board (OSSB) environmental protection board as the packing box which is lighter than the traditional plywood.


Security Pack Fix Transit Category Submitted by: Drei V GmbH

Security pack fix is the new shipping box with security bottom and top. It offers a reliable theft protection as it prevents any attempt to remove articles from the pack during transport without leaving visible traces.


Toolspec Shipper Transit Category Submitted by: D.S. Smith Packaging

The new pack has eliminated the need for bubble wrap and achieved zero damages. It is suitable for multiple re-use and fully recyclable at end of life. Packing time is said to be reduced by 30%.


Vacsac Transit Category Submitted by: CLIME S.A.

Vacsac is an advanced application that allows vacuum packaging of products. It reduced the volume occupied by the product in the container and optimized logistics to get flat shapes in a flexible package.


AirFluSal Forspio Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: Amcor Flexibles & Sandoz International

With this aluminum blister strip, specifically designed for the new respiratory inhaler AirFluSal Forspiro from Sandoz International, the highly hygroscopic powder in the device is protected from moisture ingress thus ensuring a longer shelf life.


Amcor Dessiflex Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: Amcor Flexibles

Amcor’s Dessiflex incorporates desiccant into the primary packaging, eliminating the need for other moisture scavengers. It absorbs the moisture faster, more completely, over a long period of time and under extreme heat.


Aspirin Next Generation Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: Berndt+Partner

One of the first shaped pouches for tablets. This packaging concept is a shaped aluminum paper-based pouch that underlines the newness of the next generation aspirin in combination with the best possible product protection. The child-resistant pouch is convenient for the consumer in opening and for single dosing.


Biopyrin 650 Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: Cadila Healthcare Ltd.

Braille is incorporated into the blister pack. This is more advantageous than having it on the carton which is often discarded. This facilities recognition of medicine by the visually challenged patient.


Energex F Pharma & Medical packaging Submitted by: Cadila Healthcare ltd.

The titration and dose-reminder pack enables easy and convenient dispensing of a complex multi-drug therapy intended for regularization of the menstrual cycle. Compiled in blisters and carton by ingenuous design and aids clear communication, patient’s compliance and inhibits correct medication.


Flonase OTC Pack Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

The pack features differentiated sinusoidal flow design; designed bottom-up from consumer insights to break rectangular patterns at over the counter aisles providing wide angle visibility along with the premium look and feel through crisp graphics.


Hanger Info Label Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: August Faller KG

The “Hanger Info Label” is a new kind of label for transfusion, infusion and injection bottles. The innovative shape allows a twisting of the suspension label.


Instant Knockout Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: TricorBraun

The customer wanted a design shaped as a fist in transparent color that would captivate the imagination of the user and display the product of red capsules, bringing to life the new market brand “Instant Knockout.”


Non-Scented Deodorizer Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

By Lock mechanism of the outer cover, a healthy person can open it with no problem, but it’s said to be impossible for dementia patients to open.


Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: STI Petofi Nyomda Kft.

The pharmaceutical demo box was published in response to the EU’s forthcoming, safety regulation affecting packaging materials. The safety features used on the box: a 2-D datamatrix code, M-icon screening, micro-text, serialization, Braille, holographic foil, Twin ICI, and a QR code.


Safergel Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: Hoffmann Neopac AG

By twisting this closure, the inside pin releases and the liquid or cream can be applied precisely to the area to be treated.


Vetter-Ject Pharma & Medical Category Submitted by: Vetter Pharma

Vetter-Ject is a patented tamper-evident syringe closure for prefilled syringes. It contains an injection needle and is made of three plastic components. Partly, they are produced with 2-compontent plastic molding technology, under clean room conditions.


Anti-Counterfeiting Bimetallic Label Other Category Submitted by: BASF S.A.

This is an innovative technology that provides security to farmers by providing the originality of the product through modern security elements. The hologram label composed of copper and aluminum features 2-D and 3-D visual elements for validation and allows projection of BASF word by using laser pointer.


Biobox EQ Other Category Submitted by: BITO

The volume of the folded empty box is reduced by 75%. The levers allow the consumer to fold the box comfortably and safely. The lock is released by pressing the lever using the thumb or wrist, the walls of the box then collapse without the risk of pinching a finger.


Cappucinteh Other Category Submitted by: P.T.Bukit Muria Jaya

Cappucinteh is a packaging which packs coffee, sugar and teach sachets to one bundle pack. It has the benefit to present the different product in one bundle pack. Another benefit—reusable packaging that can be used as product display and storage.


Flight Luxe JetScent Hand Soap Other Category Submitted by: Berlin Packaging

This 2-in-1 soap dispenser and air freshener for airplane lavatories eliminates the need to install and replenish two separate systems, due to a scent-impregnated collar that drops onto the bottle shoulder before capping. It also reduced bottle weight by 15%, adds label space, and replaces its industrial-looking predecessor with a new design.


Clip Air Other Category Submitted by: Tadbik Ltd.

A new platform to enhance awareness via fragrance. The package comes with six removable tabs, that can act as coupons and allow full control of the intensity of the fragrance by removing each tab.


Special Edition Packs Other Category Submitted by: ITC Limited, Packaging & Printing

The designs have been crafted with a tactile-effect resembling music beats of an equalizer. This effect is a combination of intricate patterns printed using fine mesh of silk screen with a highly reflective UV on silver holographic metallized board.


ElifHolo 3-D Other Category Submitted by: Elif

Elif offers 3-D printing as an optimum solution for companies. Exclusive technology enables differentiating product with a premium packaging concept that creates a tactile and visual depth perception.


Home Wine Other Category Submitted by: Nan Chang University—College of Art & Design

The outer packaging and container have multivariate function in our lives after the end of the packaging function, and reduces waster and consumer packaging problems to reach the ideal environmental state of turning material resources to good uses.


Inverted-Boat-Like Assembly Packaging Other Category Submitted by: Chuoh Pack Industry Co. Ltd.

To pack the bow-like windshield wiper blades for automobiles, the company made the inverted-boat-like box to counterbalance the dead space made by the curvature of the blades.


Kinuhari Other Category Submitted by: Toyo Glass Co. Ltd.  

Since these Kinuhari bottles, targeted to beginners of drinkers, enable a small lot (from 24 bottles minimum) order which could not be filled by conventional printing bottles. It allows microbreweries to be more challenging and motivates them to develop new products.


Kolobox Other Category Submitted by: THIMM Packaging

The Kolobox outer casing is made of waterproof solid cardboard. Inside the casing, there is an insert with straps made of puncture proof foil. This is used to quickly, easily and safely fixate the bicycle to insert.


“Smart Lock” Other Category Submitted by: Glomma Papp AS

Box was made fro ecommerce, with locks at both ends. Return of goods in the same box is possible twice, without using tape. After using the package the first time, the customer can rip off lock 1 and use lock 2 for return.


Nitros Tray Other Category Submitted by: PT Bintang Toedjoe

This was developed as a solution to previous secondary packaging of Nitros that used display boxes. It becomes easy to display, easy to handle, can protect the Nitros tube and it can be put in the chiller box without the worry of being broken.


Panel Box Other Category Submitted by: Crescent and Stars of Packaging Award

Panel box consists of only one L-shaped protector and two supporting. Due to the perforated parts, the box can be used in different sizes. Use of only one design with different sizes helps to lower the cost.


Phoenix PET Other Category Submitted by: Extrupet Ltd.

This creates employment for waste collectors but required optical sorting to cope with post-consumer collection and landfill recovery. The high quality resulted in the first 100% rPET bottle in SA.


Project—Bike Pack Bag Other Category Submitted by: Mosburger Wien

The bike is not only an environmental and healthy means of transport, it is now also a factor of business.


Seaworthy Packaging System Other Category Submitted by: Suprabha Protective Products

The entire system is designed in such a way that the packaged critical components remain rust free for 4 to 5 years. The system also helps in protecting the packed material when waiting in the open before commissioning.


Two-in-One Biscuit Packaging Other Category Submitted by: Bosch Packaging Systems AG

The new technology enables manufacturers to package pile and slug packs on the same system with a changeover time between both packs formats of less than three minutes.


Vappro 825 Other Category Submitted by: Magna International Pte. Ltd.

This protects fabricated equipment and metallic based products against corrosion, reducing rejects due to corrosion, protects the environment by eliminating dependence of hydrocarbon based anti-corrosion oils.


Vieser One Other Category Submitted by: Oy Orapac Ab

The pack is made by environmentally friendly material and easy to recycle.