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10 Tips for Creating an Attractive Packaging Design

The first rule: Packaging should never get in the way of consumers making a purchase.



THE PACKAGING OF PRODUCTS is one of the most important aspects of marketing.

An attractive packaging design must make both a psychological and physical connection. The packaging identifies the product and reaffirms to consumers that their purchase is correct.

However, this only happens when the owners of the brand equate the qualities of the product packaging with what the consumer wants.

Packaging should never prevent consumers from making a purchase.

To understand this correctly…

Here are some tips to get an attractive packaging design for retail or food business:


1. Start early

Start by designing the packaging early in the product development process. Draw several sketches to get a visual idea of ​​how your product should look. Compare it with what competitors have done in their packaging. Some ideas may come from products in other categories. Develop models based on your market research. Consumers are the best source to express what they want to see or need.

2. Keep it simple

Less is more for several products. Trying to exaggerate a product through its packaging can have a negative effect. Make sure the packaging does what is necessary, nothing more. The product must be easy to transport, include applicable warnings and also protect the product. Custom packaging can be expensive and if it does not serve a purpose, it’s a waste of marketing money.

3. Consider branding and positioning

Positioning and branding are important factors to consider. Knowing the target market for a specific product includes identifying your expectations for the product. Investigating users will help you determine the most effective and attractive packaging. Discover how the products of your competition are failing to meet their needs and exploit it.

4. Identify how it will be sold

Selling products online is slightly different than having them on the shelf of a store. Consumers will not be able to touch and feel the product before buying it, so the packaging must appeal to other senses. Even so, a product that is on a shelf should stand out from the competition enough for consumers to buy it.

5. Think about typography

Whether the product is sold online, or in a store or both, the text on the packaging must be legible. The target market determines how big or small you can make the text. The color must match the overall design of the package. This also requires placing only the important and omitting superfluous text. If consumers have problems reading how wonderful your product is, they will buy the one from the competition.


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