2018 Packaging trends for new products and foodstuffs

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A great addition to your brand is personalized packaging.

Packaging is considered to be the fifth part of Marketing 4Ps, for the reason being it encourages people to buy products. It you want your products and foodstuffs packaging to be the best on shelf, then you should take a look on below mentioned 2018 Packaging trends:

Matte finish packaging:

The stylish aspect of matte packaging offers practical benefits, like protection and visual appeal. The less reflective and bright packaging make the customers to focus on logo or other marketing elements and they prefer your product as compared to others. You’ve noticed many products and snacks with matte finish printing on store shelves. You may not know that there are many options of matte finish which take your packaging to the next level. Matte finishing options gives a velvety touch to the products, provides the highest level of bright colors and a low gloss option. The less glossy finish makes your product capable to standout on the shelf. Matte finishes offer the look you want, confine brand statements from playful to modern, make text easier to read, increase the appeal of the packaging and help you to market your brand and product properly.

Right packaging:

To make the best impact on your product, you need to have the right packaging. Of course, the off beam packaging will not grab the customer attention towards your product. Additionally, you have to make sure that your packaging will be totally different from your competitor. Right and attractive packaging play a fundamental role in your relationship with consumers.

Personalized packaging:

A great addition to your brand is a personalized packaging. Consumers prefer those packaging that is modified to their personal preferences. This sort of packaging makes a great brand, distinguishes your brand from the competitor and plays a very important role in a buying decision of consumer. Personalized packaging is the most popular trend nowadays. If you want to add a unique and personal touch to your product, then personalized packaging is a perfect option. You can add a simple note or short message to make your product special. Sampling and free product trials give customers the opportunity to use products and boost sales.

Innovative packaging:

In order to make your packaging compete effective, make sure that should be innovative. The trend of light weighting and environmentally friendly definitely increase packaging innovation. No discussion about packaging innovation would be complete without being considering the latest light weighting tricks. Packaging Innovation doesn’t only increase your business growth through new products, but also helping your product to be more famous among your customers. For the product development and to give incredible experiences to your consumer always create new packaging along with innovative design.

Digital printing:

To make your packaging boxes more creative you should get the digital printing services from packaging company to produces the highest quality print and a variety of print finishes such as metallic and spot UV. In the case of Digital printing you can go for the standard CMYK colors options. In the case of digital printing you can personalize the packaging according to the customer preferences. However, it is much cheaper as compared to the litho for smaller runs, faster for small orders as it doesn’t involve any set-up time and cost.


Once you’ve spent money on producing the perfect product, now it’s time to concentrate on its packaging. The more your packaging will be right, the more your product will be unforgettable and appealing for your targeted customers. For the better brand strategy, you should concentrate on the well-matched demographic according to the product. Your logo and company message must be according to the demographic. Make sure that your tagline should be unique if you are interested in establishing a unique brand message.

Packaging makeover:

Product packaging, though just one part of the process, is considered the most important by many. “Packaging is the best thing to communicate with your targeted customers, so you need pay attention to it for effective branding strategy. Don’t consider packaging as a medium for the reason that it is the part of the product. Branding experts strongly emphasize on the importance of packaging for rebranding, however “Rebranding is not all about repackaging infect it is all about giving a bold and fresh look to the product.  Good packaging makeover is all about perfect bond between marketing, advertising and product packaging and design.

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