2018 Sponsored Webinar: Authentic, Safe, and Connected Products

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Product counterfeit and diversion has become industrialized on a global scale, endangering consumer safety and undermining economies and brands. The global cost of counterfeiting and diversion is projected to reach $2.8 trillion by 2022 as this crime has infiltrated leading industries including pharmaceutical, health and beauty, and alcoholic beverages. This exposes manufacturers to many risks. Organizations committed to a secure supply chain, product quality, consumer safety, and protecting brand equity need to consider an integrated, brand protection solution that lets you easily authenticate, secure, and connect your supply chain -- utilizing existing packaging.


There are many technologies in use that track and trace products across the supply chain -- from RFID tags to holograms to specialized printer inks. However, these are additive, costly solutions that can be defeated by bad actors, as they are unable to authenticate, detect, or prevent counterfeits or diversion. Previously there was no real end-to-end deterrence -- until now.


Featured Speakers:

Joe Belenardo
Senior Vice President, Global Sales


Jim Sinisgalli
Director, Product Management – Brand Protection

This webinar aired on November 8, 2018.