CGI Innovations - Ensuring Consistency Across all Media Channels

Customers no longer want solely photographic solutions to show off their product, but images of products created with the intention of being used across all online and offline platforms. Trident provides the full solution – we create high quality CGI (3D) images for anything from a simple carton to a glass bottle containing liquid. We take this service one step further to create CGI environment images as well as amazing animations, which allow customer products to deliver maximum impact and personality on-line. CGI is endlessly flexible and cost effective versus photography. Trident can easily adjust the image, angles or background versus the time and expense associated with rescheduling a photoshoot and rebuilding the set. The images we create can be used in any format; TV, web advertising, social media, mobile, instore merchandising and on retailer sites. The possibilities are endless! The team at Trident is committed to ensuring your brand is represented consistently throughout all media channels.