Colbert Packaging installs second Brausse die cutter in Indiana

Brausse 1060ER

Company is a manufacturer of custom cartons, labels, inserts and more.

Colbert Packaging Corporation, a leading manufacturer of custom folding cartons, labels, inserts and paperboard specialty products, today announced the installation of a second Brausse 1060ER die cutter in its production facility in Elkhart, Indiana. Colbert is the first U.S.-based packaging supplier to implement this latest Brausse equipment with blanking technology.

Colbert Packaging served as the U.S. beta site for the Brausse 1060ER, as the machine made its debut in the United States. The partnership and beta site arrangement grew from discussions that originated during a meeting of the Independent Carton Group, of which Colbert is a member.

“We were initially drawn to the Brausse 1060ER die cutter for its high speeds and inline stripping and full blanking capabilities. Brausse’s technology rivals the best in the industry, the tooling is interchangeable with our Bobst machinery, and we have ready-access to domestically available parts and service,” says Tim Price, vice president and general manager of Colbert’s Elkhart facility. “We run three shifts and lean heavily on our equipment. This die cutter is a workhorse – and now we have two.”

Brausse’s 1060ER was developed with Bobst support, and with a focus on providing customers with the best price/performance ratio. The fully automated die cutter converts printed sheets into stacks of cartons, ready for folding and gluing, making high-quality production more efficient.

“It was clear from the beginning that, with Brausse, we were buying into a partnership, not just a machine. Brausse has been onsite sharing valuable tips and making modifications that increase productivity, which ultimately drives our ability to more effectively meet customer demands,” says John Lackner, president of Colbert Packaging. “This equipment investment is firmly rooted in our commitment to continually seeking out new and improved ways to serve our customers.”

Colbert Packaging is showcasing its capabilities at Pack Expo International (Booth E-6730) and Healthcare Packaging Expo (Booth W-1047), which run through Oct. 17 in Chicago.

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