Crazy Foam launches super hero hydrating face masks

Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn make their mask debut.

Crazy Foam has been an American bath time staple since 1965 and it is now introducing its new Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn Super Hero Hydrating face masks.

"With the growing popularity of sheet masks around the country, we are thrilled to add Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn Super Hero Hydrating Face Masks to our line of Crazy Foam bath and skincare products," says Josh Fink, CEO of Crazy Foam International. "Our customers will not only feel and see the healing effects of the nourishing and hydrating formulas, but will have a blast looking like their favorite superhero or supervillain for a few minutes!"

The skincare routine combines the hydrating powers of golden chamomile and lemon extract, revitalizing the skin with nutrients and moisture. Each mask is non-irritating and clinically and allergy tested.