Delta 9 Cannabis and Fort Garry Brewing release 'Legal Lager'

Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. and the Fort Garry Brewing Company recently celebrated the launch of their first jointly developed beer.

Delta 9 Legal Lager is available on sale at MLLC liquor outlets across the province and is the first beer produced as a collaboration between a brewery and legal cannabis company. Delta 9 provided raw hemp material for the beer, while the brewery was responsible for production and marketing, according to a release. Both companies shared the cost of research and the development of the beverage.

Legal Lager is beer infused with material from hemp seeds, therefore contains no cannabis. The hemp beer, however, is a first step in an ongoing research and development project to produce a cannabis beer that contains THC.

The two companies are currently developing a co-branded, cannabinoid-infused beer that contains no alcohol.

"Since Delta 9 is one of the companies awarded a retail license from the Province of Manitoba, we are ideally placed for distribution and sale of this type of product," explains Delta 9 CEO John Arbuthnot.