Product Focus: Eco-Concscious Packaging and Materials

Corrugated and Solid Board Packaging

This fully recyclable, paper-based combo box joins both food and beverage packaging into one solution. The cup slots securely into the container and the depth allows pastries to sit inside, as well.


Rigid Paperboard Packaging

The Raw Spirit fragrance is environmentally presented in a custom turned-edge paperboard box made of 100% recycled fiber board, wrapped in 100% recycled paper.



Entour, a non-laminated stand-up pouch from Berry Plastics offers functionality and performance without an added process of lamination of dissimilar materials, which can limit recyclability and impact packaging economics.


Premium Papers

Neenah Folding Board and Box Wrap offer sustainable, readymade custom solutions with  Forest-Stewardship-Council certified papers and papers made from 100% post-consumer fibers. The papers include colors and rich textures to elevate a brand.


Single-serve Brewing Cup

Printpak has released a recyclable PP coffee pod. The production of it generates 30% less greenhouse emissions than polystyrene, the material used mostly for U.S. coffee pods.


rPET woven packaging

The recycled-PET (rPET) fabric can be used to produce various types of sacks, providing a packaging for dry bulk goods. Due to a higher density of PET, the produced fabric is 30% thinner than woven PP, increasing storage capacity by 50%. The company says, its rPET fabric stands out for its aroma, grease barrier and food safety. The PET fabric is also more stiff, which the company says, makes the bags easier to handle.


Fragrance Pack

The wooden purse spray’s geometric design has been created that’s on trend. The pack comprises a 15-mL glass bottle with a push-button spray pump, in a sheath of sustainably sourced wood. Once finished, the cases can be refilled or disassembled for recycling.


Take-Out Container

The Take-Out Container, Sani-Stak is 100% compostable and suitable for hot and cold items.


Prescription Medication Package

This child resistant carton is made from recyclable paperboard with blister, requiring minimal amount of film/foil, using 50% less resin than pharmacy amber vial. Each blister cavity printed with day-of-week to help the patient adhere to the dose schedule.


Sustainable Food Service Packaging

Bio-Plus Terra II is a line of compostable foodservice packaging made of 100% recyclable paper with a water-based inner lining.


Steel Tin Cans

The Allstate steel tin cans are a solution for green packaging. Steel packaging is easy to collect, sort and recycle a number of times without loss of durability or strength.