External values count: market study by Ceresana on plastic packaging for cosmetics

Market Study Packaging for Cosmetics

The latest study by Ceresana examines European demand for plastic packaging for cosmetics and personal care products.

Beauty without a guilty conscience? The ‘Selfie Generation’ not only wants to look good, they also care about sustainable consumption. These contradictory trends pose a major challenge for cosmetics manufacturers. The latest study by Ceresana examines European demand for plastic packaging for cosmetics and personal care products. It distinguishes 13 application areas and 7 different types of packaging. The report covers both the historical development and future growth prospects of this particular packaging market. The analysts forecast that the market volume of plastic packaging for cosmetics and personal care products in Europe will grow to around 28.9 billion units by 2026.

Numerous factors influence individual segments

Plastics are increasingly controversial. However, sales of plastic packaging for cosmetics are expected to continue to rise. The trend towards flawless self-presentation in social media and in some countries also the rising number of working women is driving sales of beauty products. The fact that Europeans are getting older and older is providing impetus in the skin care sector.  The sub segments “personal care – oral care” and “skin care – sun protection” benefit from growing health awareness and the fear of high medical costs. Changes in European climate will further increase the demand for sun protection products in the coming years.

Practicability and sustainability are a plus

The market dynamics in the individual sub segments of the cosmetics and personal care industry vary considerably. Thus, some packaging types benefit more than others. In addition to the visual appearance and practicability of the packaging, sustainability is becoming more and more important. Flexible packaging, for example, can further reduce the amount of materials that are used. The usage of this type of packaging will increase by approx. 2.1% per year in the coming years.

The study in brief:

Chapter 1 offers an overview of the European Market for plastic packaging for cosmetics and personal care products including forecasts until 2026. Data on demand volumes as well as on the individual application areas and packaging types is listed in clear tables and graphs. The data is presented in number of units. Chapter 2 offers detailed information on demand in 26 individual countries (e.g. Russia, Switzerland, and Turkey). In addition, demand is split by application areas and packaging types. The sector of cosmetics is divided into the sub segments face, lips, eyes, and nails. The sector of skin care is split by face, body, sun protection, and baby and child. With regard to personal care products, hair care, shower and bath, oral care, deodorants, and hair care are examined in detail. Furthermore, the following packaging types are distinguished: screw bottles, squeeze bottles, dispensers and spray bottles, jars and cans etc., tubes, flexible packaging, and blister packaging.   
Further information: www.ceresana.com/en/market-studies/packaging/plastic-packaging-cosmetics-personal-care-europe/

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