Fashion brand launches with commitment to transparency through the entire product journey

While sustainability in fashion has risen in popularity, business practices within the apparel industry largely remain misleading and wasteful. Truth Alone Clothing announced today the launch of its sustainable fashion line committed to transparency, eco-consciousness, and social welfare. The brand is committed to traceability through the entire product journey from raw materials to store-ready apparel to packaging.

Truth Alone features men's and women's apparel with a product assortment that is premium and focused on everyday usability. The brand refers to its line as "everyday essentials" with a mantra that exceptional comfort and product longevity should be an essential expectation of clothing.

Truth Alone is focused on Peru's premium, organic Pima cotton with plans to expand the line into other premium sustainable fibers and fabrications. Peruvian Pima cotton is non-GMO, hand harvested by local farmers and recognized globally for its extraordinary soft hand-feel, its smooth fabric quality, and durability. The brand proudly and responsibly sources and manufactures all products in Peru helping contribute to the demand for organic field development and encouraging organic cotton farming which fortifies bio-diversification over other conventional and environmentally harmful practices.

"We do much more than just source and manufacture our apparel in Peru," said Donald Taffurelli, co-founder and CEO/President of Truth Alone Clothing. "Truth Alone invests in local businesses along with the Peruvian-based end-to-end management of the entire industrial process. Truth Alone brings new value, visibility and commitment to the importance of country of origin setting us apart from other sustainable apparel and clothing brands."

Truth Alone was founded on key tenets for responsible business that span the product journey and which work to elevate sustainability awareness throughout the supply chain and with customers. These tenets include:

  • Investment beyond sourcing: We perceive country of origin as a value-added proposition, and not simply as a labor opportunity to be exploited. From organic farming, to local marketing development, to joining forces with local sustainable initiatives, we engage, nurture, and elevate local businesses. This contributes to the local economy and its commercial visibility that flows into national social welfare benefits: national health, social security, paid leave, formal labor.
  • Humanity: We empower everyone who participates in producing Truth Alone because we care about them and their contribution. We have an uncompromising stand on formal labor contracts and ethical business practices. Our customers can feel good about the difference our products are making in many lives.
  • Quality at affordable pricing: We honor our customers and their hard-earned money by giving them a luxury experience that is sustainable and at an affordable price by not taking the sustainability mark-up. We are invested in expanding sustainable choices into the mainstream by making organic Peruvian Pima cotton accessible. This unique cotton is proven for its naturally silky-soft quality, its fiber strength, and product longevity.
  • Protecting the environment: We are committed to sustainable raw materials and a sustainably conscious industry with a growing focus on water and energy conservancy and purification. Our efforts are broad sweeping, from sustainable raw materials to no-waste, recycled and recyclable packaging, with a measured awareness for reducing our carbon footprint.

"We believe that customers want and deserve to know the product journey of the clothes they wear," said Christopher Jara, co-founder and COO of Truth Alone Clothing. "We looked at what was missing in the apparel industry, and much of that was the 'truth alone' or honest practices. Truth Alone Clothing is committed to full transparency, learning from our customers, and we are proud of the relationships and ethical business practices we've put in place."

Truth Alone co-founders Taffurelli and Jara bring more than 60 years of collective experience in fashion, private brand development and apparel sourcing and production. Taffurelli's career emerged from The Associated Merchandising Company which was a leader in ethical and socially compliant operating practices. He was instrumental in opening the South American/Western Hemisphere. In 1999, Taffurelli founded the InteraxisSourcing (IXS) group of companies providing end-to-end sourcing and production, quality assurance and logistic services. Jara spent 18 years at Levi and Strauss gaining experience in every level of brand development before a tenure at GAP, Inc in product development and global sourcing roles. He joined Taffurelli at IXS in 2003. The two have spent nearly two decades servicing globally recognized brands.

"The world is in our customers' hands to make a difference, and we want them to have a choice that contributes to making a difference," added Jara. "Truth Alone allows customers to make a responsible choice every day by not making sustainable products overpriced or part an elitist trend."

Truth Alone began beta operations in mid-2018 with online sales via its website and Amazon. The team spent its "Year Zero" gathering customer feedback and refining products and strategy. This year marks the first full year of operations for the young brand.

About Truth Alone
Truth Alone Clothing is responsibly-made men's and women's apparel derived from premium, organic Peruvian Pima cotton. Truth Alone was founded on key tenets for responsible business including investment in country of origin beyond sourcing, humanity, quality at affordable pricing and protecting the environment. For more information and the collection, visit

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