Figaro unveils new packaging

Olive oil's new packaging is now on shelves.

Deoleo, a producer of top-selling olive oils has announced changes to its packaging of its flagship Figaro olive oil.

Figaro became the very first olive oil sold in India forty years ago, according to a release. It has remained the country’s market leader since then.

Consumers can already find the new packaging on shelves.

“Figaro in its green tin is synonymous with olive oil in India, and the tin packaging is admired by consumers,” says Susana Toribio Bustelo, Deoleo India General Manager.

The changes to the tin containers, 500 mL, 1 litre and 5 litre are subtule, but the slight changes give the tin a sharper look with greater emphasis on the brands Spanish heritage.

The olive oil in the bottle now looks strikingly different—the glass is much darker to better protect the oil from the effects of sunlight and the bottle itself has a sturdier shape.