First Ever PET Sheets & Thermoforms Summit Zooms into Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Opening the summit with paper on 'RPET Market Outlook - and issues impacting the market' especially UK as well as impact of the China's plastics scrap ban is Ms. Helen McGeough, Senior Consultant, PCI Wood Mackenzie. Bernard Chase, Sector Specialist – Plastics, WRAP next discusses the efforts by the thermoforming Industry in recovering thousands of trays and containers in UK to meet circular economy goals.

Aliplast reveals how it is supporting the effective and sustainable use of PET sheets in thermoforming applications. As UK struggles to recycle its billions of black thermoform trays, the summit has a session on 'Recycling black food trays – challenges & progress to date' led by Nextek alongside presentations from Viridor.

Illustrating the use of recycled plastics in thermoforms LINPAC Packaging (Klöckner Pentaplast) gives an update on 'rPET - the sustainable future' and how LINPAC is delivering innovative and sustainable solutions in thermoform packaging.

UK's end user Young's Seafoods shares its journey of using MAP pack trays which feature easy-peel, high barrier film lid that is heat sealed to the tray to pack its fish.

The program also features:

Oxygen barrier technology for A-PET thermoformed trays to support circular economy – Point Plastic

France thermoform packaging market – ELIPSO - The French Plastic & Flexible Packaging Association

Innovative extrusion solutions for rigid packaging – Bandera

Twin Peaks – Drama in Packaging M&A and what happens next – Moorgate Capital

Meeting increasing demand for extended shelf life packaging – AMB

Circular economy: a novel enzymatic process to depolymerize all kind of PET, including sheets and thermoforms, back into PTA and MEG – Carbios

Designing for sustainability - our experience with Coop's convenience food packaging – Quo

This premier summit concludes with a Site Visit to Viridor Rochester PET Recycling Facility on 20 February is organized by Centre for Management Technology (CMT) and supported by Viscotec and Banderr as sponsor-exhibitor and Dual Color Sheets Co as exhibitor.

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