Heritage beverage brand pivots to millennials

Gancia Sparkling Wines announces new marketing platform and packaging to zero in on millennials

Gancia Sparkling Wines, Italy's original sparkling wine founded in 1850, announces the launch of its new marketing platform, "drink beauty," which was created to appeal to Millennial consumers.

"Gancia's new 'drink beauty' platform is about making an emotional connection with our Millennial consumers," said Leonid Yangarber, CEO of Roust Americas.  "A storied brand with deep roots in Italy, Gancia captures the beauty of Italy—its land, its art, its wine, its people.  With 'drink beauty' we want consumers to feel this beauty and, more broadly, to take pleasure in life's beautiful moments both large and small. This approach to life is something that resonates with Millennial consumers who both value experiences and desire brands to which they can connect on an emotional level."

Gancia is launching its "drink beauty" platform with the introduction of new packaging, point-of-sale materials, the global re-launch of its social media channels, a fashion-themed event series, and a trade print campaign.  New packaging arrives this month (December 2018).