Hotshot introduces hot "Grab and Go" premium hot coffee in a can

Hotshot, an innovative company that received an appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank is bringing hot canned coffee to caffeine deprived consumers.

Entrepreneur Danny Grossfeld was on a trip to Japan when he reached into what he thought was a cooler to grab a can of iced coffee. Much to his surprise, the can was hot-- and ready to drink. Grossfeld launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring a version of the Japanese product to U.S. consumers, which caught the eye of Shark Tank producers.

While Grossfeld didn't get an initial deal, the show's visibility helped secure private investment and generated significant consumer interest. "The Shark Tank appearance was not only one of the most stressful but also valuable experiences of my life," says Grossfeld. "At the end of the day, the process made sure my business plan was flawless and the visibility has generated thousands of inquiries. It has been a great platform from which to launch."

Initially available in Black, French Vanilla and Hot Chocolate, the coffee is served in aluminum cans (made of 70% recycled content) that are warmed to 140 degrees—which is the perfect temperature to drink premium coffee— by a custom-designed HotBox.

A revolutionary insulated label, not unlike a drink cozy, keeps the coffee hot and the hands cool. When opened, the cans emit steam and the fresh-brewed aroma expected from a delicious cup of coffee. Additional flavors such as Green Tea, Hot Apple Cider and Cappuccino are planned.

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