Importance of Engaging

Brands use multiple avenues to engage with customers.

The consumer packaged goods market is always evolving and changing, and when it comes to customer engagement, brands are trying new things to maximize it.

HairRx Advanced Hair Care, a Profile Pro LLC brand, is dedicated to fulfilling customization wishes and shopping preferences for women ages 30 and up. Customers can identify their hair care needs online from six different goals and scents come in five different options. HairRx recently launched on

Importance of Touchpoints

hair rxThe brand has been reaching its customers through multiple touch points, including, online research, video and social media.

“One of the most exciting things that we just tested is a collaboration with a company called AdGreetz. Together we developed personalized videos to introduce the brand when we launched on QVC,” says Ellen Langas, co-CEO of Profile Pro LLC. “QVC distributed the email that offered a personalized video, so when you click on the video, it talks to the consumer specifically by name.”

According to Retail Touchpoints, shoppers who view videos are 174% more likely to purchase the product, than viewers who did not. Langas says the view rates for the video were all positive. “We are also working on short original videos that are highly engaging, inspirational or humorous.” The videos are illustrating how to utilize styling and finishing formulas, and giving customers tools to have best outcomes with the formulas.

Langas continues, “QVC created an abbreviated customization survey right on their website, so it’s easy to discover the formula that is a good match for your specific hair care needs.”

Through this online research, HairRx can match up exactly what type of formula the customer needs. “It’s how we learn, by asking and surveying. We love having our products online at QVC, and we really respect how QVC focuses on customer first,” she says.

Social impact

In this day and age, social media is playing a huge role in how brands are engaging with their consumers. “We are developing a vibrant and inclusive social community, where we are providing hair care tips, encouragement and inspiration,” Langas says.

Rooted Grounds is a locally roasted, small batch craft coffee company located in West Chester, OH. Rooted Grounds Coffee Company is reaching its customers through social media, as well. “We’re active on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and we’ve recently revamped our website,” says Kris Chari, vice president of business development at Rooted Grounds. “We’re seeing a huge pickup, in particular, Instagram, and we are thrilled to see how many people enjoy posting pictures and comments about our coffee and our brand.”

According to ShopKick Insights, brands can boost their customer engagement by using technology that travels with consumers, whether it’s through personalized message, or responding to customers via social media.

Rooted Grounds is a fairly new company, founded in November 2015. Chari believes that social media is a game-changer for the brand. “We have more than 30-five star reviews on Facebook and we believe that you can’t create that kind of excitement; it’s only generated by customers,” he says. “We want them [customers] to be engaged, we want them posting and telling us their feedback. It’s like having real-time feedback.”

Shelf Impactrooted grounds

Rooted Grounds is also all about its shelf-impact. Rooted Grounds is currently in the Giant Eagle Market District stores in Ohio and Indiana as well as Dots Market and Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton, Jungle Jim’s, Country Fresh and Hyde Park Fine Meats in Cincinnati.

The coffee is available in multiple formats in stores, bulk coffee and flagship retail line, with a standard bag and customized labeling and other labels by local artists.

“The original artwork [on pack] is owned by Rooted Grounds,” Chari says. “We’ve had different freelancers help us with our labels and all have helped to create the look that is today, uniquely Rooted Grounds Coffee Company.” The company also has its products in single cups and individual packets for offices, schools and all areas of food service.

Reaching the consumer directly

Rooted Grounds also engages with its customers through tastings and other events. “We began doing events, in particular, events for non-profits,” Chari says. “We would basically give out coffee from our van. We got to know people that way and people took to it quickly.”

The company does demonstrations most weekends in grocery stores in its region, which is an additional touchpoint. “Another way is that we began going to customers, directly to the offices or places of work and holding these coffee tastings; people became really engaged,” Chari continues. “We’ve learned what they’re interested in and the flavor profiles they’re looking for.”

Customers come first

Between both Rooted Grounds and HairRx, the customer is the No. 1 priority. “We’re in the customer business,” Chari says. “It’s very important that our customers feel engaged and that they can identify with Rooted Grounds Coffee Company. Without customers, we would not exist.”

Langas adds: “It’s [customer engagement] ultimately important because it starts with the customer. People can think of an idea of what product will be great for somebody, but you have to listen to what the customers are saying that they need or want.”