inMotionNow announces integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

inMotionNow ignite Adobe Creative Cloud Extension

Extension to Adobe Photoshop® CC, Adobe InDesign® CC, and Adobe Illustrator® CC allows designers to interact with people and projects in the creative workflow process without ever leaving the Creative Cloud app in which they are working.

Extension to Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator CC builds a bridge from creative workflow to popular programs.

inMotionNow has released a new extension from inMotion ignite to Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, and Adobe Illustrator CC. This allows designers to interact with people and projects in the creative workflow process – to send work out for review or check on comments and feedback – without ever leaving the Creative Cloud app in which they are working.

The benefit is a creative workflow that’s flexible enough to adapt to the way creatives like to work and simplifies their engagement in the process. In turn, this reduces the time it takes to get creative projects into marketing campaigns and driving business results, while also leaving creatives with more time to be creative in Adobe Creative Cloud.

“This helps solve a critical challenge facing in-house creative departments, given that research shows creatives can spend as much as 20% of their time on administrative tasks, even as marketing departments ask them for 10x the creative content,” says inMotionNow Chief Marketing Officer Alex Withers. “Creatives live in Adobe Creative Cloud, and this integration allows them to engage and collaborate with internal customers and their partners in the marketing department directly from the Creative Cloud application of their choice.”

A recent survey of inMotionNow customers indicated that most designers regularly use at least one Creative Cloud app. Building this integration between Adobe and inMotion ignite is a surefire way to give designers easy access to their operational workflow while keeping their creative process in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Some of the key capabilities this extension brings to each of the Adobe products include the following:

  • Route proofs out for review. Route creative work directly from inside Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, or InDesign CC. Creatives no longer have to take the time to manually export, save, and upload files before they can route them for review. Additionally, creatives are notified in real-time inside the extension panel when feedback is submitted.
  • View in-app notifications. inMotion ignite provides in-app notifications using the @mention format and designers can view notifications directed at them in the extension. This puts feedback at the designer’s fingertips, in real-time, rather than checking email or logging into a project management application.
  • Navigate between the Adobe extension and inMotion ignite. One key aspect of the extension is instead of logging into a system and clicking around to find the right tab or button to review feedback, the extension provides a contextual link directly from Adobe Creative Cloud to that specific comment, asset, or project within inMotion, so designers can grab what they need and get back to creating awesome content.

In addition to the inMotion Extension for the Adobe Creative Cloud, inMotionNow has also released a plugin for Adobe XD CC. The inMotion plugin for Adobe XD gives UX designers the ability to stay in XD as they route prototypes for review. With the inMotion Plugin, designers can view assigned proofs and tasks, and route prototype pages and links for review in inMotion ignite’s online review and approval environment, without leaving XD, giving designers more time to focus on doing the work they love.

“We're excited that inMotion is offering a new set of extensions and plugins to Creative Cloud products to make it easier for shared Creative Cloud and inMotion users to get their creative work done,” says Vijay Vachani, director, partner and platform ecosystem, Creative Cloud at Adobe. “inMotion's plugins for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and XD leverage Adobe XD’s various extensibility layers to ensure creatives can stay focused in the tools they use every day, while being connected to their extended team and processes.”


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