JDO’s rebrand of FUN Light brings out its playful side

JDO, the global design group, has created a distinctive ‘stand out’ 2D and 3D design for Scandinavia’s leading cordial brand – FUN Light.

One of Scandinavia’s most famous brands and part of the Orkla Foods family, JDO were set the challenge of capturing the joyful spirit of FUN Light - creating a new brand world and bringing it to life. A triple triumph of visually compelling, structurally distinctive and emotionally resonant. 

Up for the challenge, JDO set about defining a creative strategy with the aim of uniting the FUN Light range of sugar-free cordials across Nordic markets. A confident, ‘workable’ strategy designed to modernise FUN Light and take on the challenger brands new to the market place.

Fiona Florence, Managing Director, JDOcomments, “FUN Light has always been full of playful energy – as a brand, it’s exciting, dynamic and engaging. We wanted to revitalise its brand world to bring its effervescent character out.” 

Once the strategy was established, JDO created a bespoke new bottle (structure and graphics) complete with a bright visual identity, full of coloured angled layers and vibrant dots to create movement and dimension. 

Commenting on the evolution of the new bottle structure - Paul Drake, Founder and Creative Director, JDO says: “It’s sleek, fun and ergonomic - the unique shape we created allows FUN Light’s personality to shine.”

Of the new identity, Even Jacobsen, Brand Manager, Orkla Foodssays: “We are confident that the new visual platform will drive FUN Light forward. JDO thoroughly impressed us, bringing both strong strategic and creative expertise to this complex challenge, whilst ensuring that the process went as smoothly as possible. What we’ve created together will translate across all FUN Light’s brand world touchpoints for a really consistent and strong impact.” 



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