Joseph Abboud launches Faded Indigo fragrance

Joseph Abboud announces the launch of the newest scent for men called Faded Indigo, as part of the Indigo Blue collection.

Indigo Blue is a sportswear based clothing collection ranging in shades of indigo. Faded Indigo was developed as a new part of the collection, incorporating the timeless heritage of Abboud in an every day scent for the strong, independent man. The bottle is 3.4-oz. and is available at Moores Clothing for Men stores nationwide.

"Faded Indigo is a vibrant, fresh scent reminiscent of evening walks on the beaches of Nantucket along the midnight blue ocean," says Abboud. "This all-encompassing fragrance provides yet another opportunity for men to further express their individuality." 

Abboud worked closely with Tru Fragrance and Harry Fremont, master perfumer of Firmenich to create the fragrance.