Just'a Drop puts end to bathroom odors

Just'a Drop has developed an innovative, eco-friendly product to trap odors from entering the air, for travelers.

"When sharing a hotel room or cruise ship cabin there are some things that we just don't talk about: offensive bathroom odors. This scene replays every day; friends or family spend a night or a full week in a hotel room or ship cabin with one small bathroom," says Randy Hecht, president, Just'a Drop USA. "There comes a time when you get the sudden realization that you are going to leave a lasting, lingering impression in the bathroom. Just'a Drop is the perfect solution to end this embarrassing scenario."

The customer can place 1-2 drops in the toilet bowl before sitting down, and the odors are said to be trapped under the water's surface.

Just'a Drop will keep every bathroom smelling the way it should: fresh & clean.

Just'a Drop features include:

  • Fits in a purse or pocket
  • Choose from 5 scents
  • Over 400 uses per bottle

Just'a Drop has been featured on Dr. Oz and received over 3,000 product reviews. With over 6 million bottles sold, it is proving to be a runaway success.