LIFEAID Beverage Co. launches ImmunityAid

Drink to help boost immune health.

Winter is around the corner and folks are starting to prepare for the best way to stay healthy and productive during the upcoming season. Lifeaid Beverage Co. is introducing ImmunityAid focused on nutrition to fortify the immune system.

ImmunityAid is available in 12-fl. oz. cans and provides a blend of vitamins and nutrients intended to boost the immune system year round.

There is an “orange boost” subtle flavor that is sweet and tangy, making ImmunityAid refreshing over ice or on-the-go.

"The mission of the LIFEAID Beverage Co. is to provide consumers with delicious and functional ingredients that benefit a health-focused lifestyle," says brand co-founder Dr. Aaron Hinde, in a release.. "There are so many incredible supplements and nutrients you can integrate into your diet to give a boost to your system this season — we made it simpler and faster to enjoy the best of them in a ready-to-go product you can drink."