May 2020: A Look Ahead: Insights for Retailers & CPG Brands in a Post-COVID-19 World

During this quarantine period, consumers are adapting to a completely new and unfamiliar shopping journey – stores deemed “nonessential” are closed and those that are open are changing to comply with social distancing regulations, new safety concerns, supply chain disruptions and product shortages, among other issues. How will changing consumer behavior now impact brands and retailers in the future?

This webinar, produced by BXP & VMSD Magazine, offers a snapshot of the current customer landscape and how our experts believe it might change in post-COVID-19 reality, once stores have re-opened, packaged goods are readily available, travel is unrestricted and consumer confidence has rebounded.

*Please Note: we did experience some technical issues at the beginning of the live webinar which caused the audio to sound muffled. These issues lasted for about the first four minutes during the webinar introductions, but after that were resolved. You will notice the muffled audio in the recorded on-demand version, but you can skip the introductions to go straight to the clearer audio, if you'd like. 

This webinar originally aired on May 12, 2020.