Middle Sister wine showcases new label for anniversary

Label debuted on National Middle Child Day.

Every year on Aug. 12, Middle siblings finally get the recognition they deserve for National Middle Child Day. As a way to celebrate the middle sibling, Middle Sister Wines are toasting to their 10th Anniversary by creating a new label.

"I was inspired by my closest family friends who had a middle daughter with a very original personality. She zigged when the others zagged, broke out of pre-school to order lunch at the local diner, believed you could never have too many colors in your hair, and basically dances through life as the ultimate free spirit," explains Terry Wheatley, president of Vintage Wine Estates. "She inspired me to make this wine."

Aside from the unusual name, Middle Sister Wines were one of the first wines to feature a cartoon figure on the label and were the early adopters of social media to build a brand, a release says.

To toast the anniversary, the special label has a hidden surprise. Through a temperature sensitive printing process, a birthday cake, balloons, streamers and confetti and a birthday message appear on the label when the Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy Moscato is chilled.

"Middle Sister wines have always been a conversation starter and people enjoy matching their personality with the Middle Sister on the label," comments Wheatley. "This is just another way we encourage sisters and friends to have fun with the wine experience."