April 2020: Part Two: Isolated in our Work Environments, But Not Alone...Insights & Perspectives for CLIENTS

Join BXP, VMSD and guest speaker John Gleason, Founder & President of a Better View Strategic Consulting, LLC, for Part Two in a special virtual series crafted for agencies and brand clients.

In the second installment of this series, John Gleason will take a client-side perspective on managing brands, supporting your agency partners & finding balance under the pressures of COVID-19 implications.

With the advent of COVID-19 health concerns back in early March, John Gleason began surveying nearly 100 clients and agencies on the actions implemented in the U.S. and abroad to try to minimize the health and human impact of this pandemic as well as the implications of these actions on people, safety, emotions/stress and business. John will share key themes, patterns and insights from this research from an client perspective including:

  • Key implications of COVID-19 measures on client plans, activities, tendencies, priorities, behaviors, and anticipated actions
  • What we learned from other economic recessions that should dictate our actions now
  • The impact of COVID-19 measures and client implications on your agencies’ businesses…agency teams, revenue, possible hard decisions and on your relationships with your agency partners
  • Recommendations to help manage brands/initiatives and your businesses to protect and support your agency partners and find balance in the pressures of your business needs as you navigate these unprecedented circumstances.

This webinar aired April 21, 2020.