In response to COVID-19, PCA Skin brings its professional experience to brand fans' homes

The pandemic has challenged skincare professionals in many ways, one of the biggest being limiting patients from visiting professionals’ offices at all or as often. PCA Skin developed the Micro Peel At-Home Kit to support its skincare-professional customers and their patients alike. This kit brings PCA Skin’s 30 years of experience supporting skincare professionals into consumers’ homes. The brand says the packaged offering extends its commitment to the professional skincare community by introducing new patients to and encourage existing patients to continue their professional-grade treatments. This is part of a larger trend that BXP noticed early in the pandemic of service-oriented businesses pivoting to serve customers in their homes versus in restaurants, bars such as UK’s Signature Brew, and yes, even doctor’s offices. 

“In the current environment, we had a demand from our professional customers for something that could help them deliver their expert care to the homes of their patients,” says PCA Skin CEO Joanna Zucker. “This innovative Micro Peel At-Home Kit has been developed in partnership with our professionals to bring a safe, professional-grade treatment into their patient’s home. This uniquely designed kit will help their patients maintain their skin’s health in between their office visits. It is also a unique way to introduce new clientele to the transformational results of professional-grade treatments and encourage them to go see a professional,” says PCA Skin CMO Anish Agarwal.

 The advanced treatment protocol combines corrective daily care products with PCA Skin’s professional-grade Enzymatic Treatment to deeply purify the pores and immediately brighten skin. Additional benefits include strengthening and smoothing skin texture, preventing and improving signs of aging and reducing discoloration.

The kit features:

  • Enzymatic Treatment is formulated with enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for a gentle yet powerful exfoliation that helps improve the appearance of visible aging, discoloration, blemishes, and other skin concerns. 
  • Daily care products to prep and calm skin before and after your micro peel treatment, including Facial WashHydrating TonerDetoxifying MaskRejuvenating SerumReBalance and Daily Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50+
  • A treatment brush and peel dish to easily apply products to your skin in the comfort of your home

The PCA SKIN Micro Peel At-Home Kit is available starting this October exclusively via PCA Skin Certified Professionals for $129 MSRP. 

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