P&G launches pet-focused Swiffer campaign

Procter & Gamble has teamed up with Kevin and Danielle Jonas on a marketing campaign that showcases Swiffer’s points of product differentiation that can help pet owners clean up after their furriest members of their families.

“Swiffer shows time-starved pet parents and those considering pet adoption that they can enjoy a home filled with furry family members without spending their whole life cleaning it,” says Kevin Wenzel, associate brand director, North America, Surface Care. “Swiffer quickly and easily cleans up the shed in your life, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the endless snuggles and less time cleaning up.”

The campaign, which runs during National Pet Month, also includes a social media component. Pet owners and brand fans are encouraged to share their own pet adoption stories and how Swiffer helps clean up the everyday pet mess in your life using hashtag #ShedHappens and tagging @Swiffer.

P&G says new pet owners have plenty of company, and notes in its “Swiffer Cleaning Index” that

more than half of Americans (58%) are already pet owners and keeping pet hair and pet mess under control in the home is a top concern.  As part of the marketing campaign, Kevin Jones notes that even celebrities worry about pet messes, “Having a Swiffer at the ready helps Danielle and I quickly clean our home, allowing us to spend more time enjoying the sweetest moments bonding and playing with our kids and our dogs Riley and Maci. Shed happens, but we aren’t worried.”