The Scene: Cosmoprof and FIDM, POP Display Research, MOC Challenge

Cosmoprof and FIDM open public voting for Connected Beauty Concept 2050

Cosmoprof North America (CPNA), in collaboration with Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) has opened public voting for its Connected Beauty Concept of 2050. Online voting will be open through July 5 at

Five FIDM undergraduate student teams were challenged to develop presentations articulating their vision on what beauty products’ smart packaging and formulation or delivery system will look like in 2050. Team members from CPNA visited FIDM on June 13 and selected three finalists, NU-YU by Alysha Freeze and Quiana Johnson, Kuali by Carla Colunga and Laura Metzger, and Chroma by Megan Satterfield and Shuihan Ding, based on creativity, originality and presentation.

The winning team will receive a trip to CPNA 2018 to exclusively present their concept during the Beauty Innovation Awards & Design Reception on July 30 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Event attendees can also learn more about all of the finalists concepts during a 30-minute conference session earlier that same day. 

CNPA holds a variety of events during its show, including Beauty Pitch Angels 2018. The new program was created after the debut Beauty Pitch 2015 competition as a way to bring private equity and venture capitalists together with some of the latest industry innovators. Interested brands applied online and pre-selected companies will be invited to pitch live to a group of prominent angel investors in Las Vegas.

“We used key insights from the debut Beauty Pitch 2015 competition to arrive at this year’s format which is all about efficiently bringing truly qualified investors and target companies together for impactful opportunities,” says Daniela Ciocan, marketing director at CPNA.

The program is open to qualified Professional Beauty Association (PBA) members, CPNA exhibitors and existing beauty companies with at least one original product and $500k in revenue. Selected companies will be invited to present their business model and request funding to interested investors during a 15-minute closed-door pitch on July 29. All applicants will have the opportunity to be reviewed by all participating investors—while only some will be selected to pitch live to investors. The entrepreneurs must be prepared to make a presentation to as many as six investors in the room at a time, and be willing to show their current sales, distribution model, market opportunities and intended use of funds.

“Being able to offer our attendees the opportunity to be seen by a wide group of qualified investors while simultaneously gaining further visibility and networking opportunity at the largest B2B beauty event is unparalleled,” says Ciocan. 

These events are in addition to a robust educational conference program, which includes a branding execution focused presentation by Brand Experience’s editor-in-chief that will explore how attendees can use the unique characteristics in natural materials to communicate a brand’s personality, differentiate themselves on shelf and delight brand fans. For more information about this session, visit


$16 billion

A new study from Transparency Market Research predicts the global PoP display market will reach a value of $16 billion by 2025. The firm notes that the global PoP display market has witnessed impressive growth in the past decade due to changing lifestyle of consumers, across the world. This has resulted in a major shift in consumer preference, which has affected the global PoP display market in a positive way. Growing budget dedicated to promotion and marketing of brand owners’ newly launched products has paved the way for emergence of retail merchandising solution. The global PoP display market was valued at $9.87 billion in 2016 and is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 5.6% during forecast period from 2017 to 2025.

A number of other factors are expected to drive the PoP display market. The research identifies factors such as effective communication through PoP displays, conveying precise information about the product innovations and visual merchandising as important factors responsible for market growth. Fast growth in organized retail sector, especially in emerging economies is expected to fuel the growth of the PoP display market. In addition, PoP display being easily recyclable and are thus more preferred by vendors than alternate other merchandising solutions. Despite the positive outlook, there are a number of other factors that might hamper the growth of the market, which includes limited reach, unclear message communication, product orientation, consumer perceptions, and shoppers discount preferences over latest innovations, etc.

Also, PoP display currently finds the most applications in the cosmetics and personal care segment, which is expected to gain significant share by the end of 2025. Many food service brands prefer PoP display for promotion as PoP displays provide high brand visibility.


Charitable Evolution

Brand Experience is excited to announce the brand and for the first time ever, the cause, for this year’s Makeover Challenge. This year’s brand is USAopoly, a developer and manufacturer of board games, collectibles and puzzles. USAopoly is probably best known for the special editions of Monopoly that it created under a partnership with Hasbro. Today, it creates both games “with a twist” and its own original games. The product that will have its packaging re-imagined is the Telestrations game, which will be celebrating its 10 year anniversary next year.

The anniversary isn’t the only reason why this Makeover Challenge is very special. This year’s competition is the result of a multi-year conversation that Brand Experience’s editor-in-chief has been having with USAopoly’s director of new product development Tony Serebriany, a long-time reader of ST Media publications including Brand Experience, formerly Package Design.

Serebriany brought in his colleague Jackie Miserany, marketing manager at USAopoly, into the conversation. True to USAopoly’s philosophy of looking at established projects and elevating them “with a twist,” Miserany introduced the idea of elevating the contest from blue-sky to a project that will help raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause. Originally, the cause was to raise funds and awareness for cancer research, which did not work out. USAopoly did find its Goldilocks of a fit with Operation Smile.

This year’s teams, Designtology, MBN Creative and a third firm yet to be determined, will compete and showcase the power of design as part of the Makeover Challenge as have past contestants. But their work will also be considered by USAopoly for special edition packaging for Telestrations that will be used to raise funds for Operation Smile. This is just another example of how the Brand Experience reader community continues to evolve our publication, community, projects and now society.