The Toolbox: Special Effects and Materials

Folding Carton

This package utilizes FSC-certified Iggesund Invercote G paperboard and is offset printed with three colors, in-line with UV gloss coating. The UV gloss spot coating provides a contrast to the overall matte finish surrounding it.


Holographic Foils

API’s Holonique Boutique provides holography and 3-D designs to a spectrum of luxury brands. It has a wide range of visual effects—from subtle sophistication to dynamic movement.


Carton Packaging

Pattern-FX by Color-Logic helps designers create special effects in a matter of seconds by choosing from 100 different designs that can be scaled, rotated, edited or combined. The predefined patterns also may be used to create a micro-emboss plate or an intricate varnish layer for image enhancing.


Eco-friendly Film

The Lumirror MR20 by Toray Plastics is an environment-friendly, advanced metal-transfer film that creates a reflective surface for premium decorative packaging, POP displays and specialty printing applications. After the transfer metallization process is completed, the base film can be returned to Toray for recycling.


Connected packaging

Digimarc has enabled manufacturers to activate connected packaging through barcodes. The Digimarc barcode does everything traditional barcodes do, but is said to be faster, smarter and more reliable. Shoppers with smartphones get instance access to product information and promotions. 


Metal Closure

The new vacuum closures designed for use with PET containers offer weight, efficiency and breakage improvements for the consumer, while maintaining the high quality aesthetic of glass on store shelves. 


Premium Papers

The luxury box wrap collection by Neenah Packaging features metal-like options: Metal-X, Metal Mesh and Carbon-X papers. These papers offer rich metallic tones with abstract and structural textures.


Folding Carton with Glitter Effect

The three-sided clear window folding carton is eye-catching for the consumer. The window provides maximum product visibility while the silk-screened glitter and artwork on paper and plastic make the package shine on shelf.


Metal Color

UCC’s Metal colors and effects offer a metallic look for a variety of plastic applications. The bold metallic looks range from brushed of anodized metal in gold, silver, bronze and copper, to various colored liquid metal effects.


Wine Label

The wine label is reimagined as an elegant mini book. The textured paper and cord features intriguing illustration, embossing and UV varnish to enhance the tactile aspect of the experience.


High-luster Product Containers

In polyolefin containers, the result is a distinctively high surface luster and a deep, luxurious appearance, comparable to a more expensive multi-step finishing process. The cost effective solution of the proprietary process allows packaging designers to give a top-shelf look to mass market products.


Photochromic Ink

The Photochromic technology by Printpack is used for flexible packaging. This allows brand owners to create an invisible design hidden within a package’s visible graphics. The design is revealed when a consumer carries the bag into the sunlight.


Deeply Embossed, Cold-formed Paper

Fibre Form is a sustainable and natural alternative to plastic packaging, designed to give marketers new opportunities to enhance their product and brand image with cold formed 3-D embossing that is 10-times deeper than traditional paper.


Environmental Foil

 This Envirofoil by Hazen Paper reduces paper use by 25 % and laminate by 90 %, while delivering ‘lay flat and stay flat’ properties.


Dimensional Effect

Spatial FX is based on a diffractive structure, where objects appear to be a 3-D embossing, though the design remains flat on the surface.


Special Ink Effect

G3 introduces its new G Ink product line, G Ink Reflection—liquid inks that portray premium quality labels, like foil stamping, but at lower cost. G Ink Reflection eliminates foil stamping dies, additional expenses and excess foil landfill materials.


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