Smith+Village brings glamour and indulgence to Booths cakes and puddings with rebrand

Creative and strategic branding partnership Smith + Village has redesigned Booths’ own label range of puddings and cakes to bring glamour back to teatime.

High end supermarket Booths had sold cream cakes from specialist bakery Waterfields for many years.

Smith&+Village took inspiration from the Art Deco glory days of teatime and injected a strong sense of identity into the range, whilst keeping Waterfields credited on the front of pack to maintain some consistency in consumer trust.

Debrah Smith, Creative Director, Smith&+Village, says: “Our solution was to give the range a very strong identity.

“Using pattern and color that feels very contemporary, but harks back to the Art Deco decadence of high tea, has given the products a clear sense of identity, strong shelf presence and just a touch of glitz and indulgence.”

The strategy devised by Smith&+Village for Booths’ own label is utilized on the range of puddings and cakes, with a concentration of the brand achieved using a small, but unique color palette of creative elements.

The striking and bright packaging features a strong and simple mix of typography, color and a unique Booths twist. There are no photos or confusing category language.

The strategy for the brand and the design reflect Booth’s premium and heritage positioning, while making it relevant for the modern consumer.

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