Special Effects for Packaging

Metallic Dispensing Closure

The Metalized Wren closure is designed to bring a touch of luxury to pressurized packaging. The cosmetic-looking actuator, available in both foam and gel versions, is metallized to deliver a touch of elegance with each product use.


Foil Cast-and-Cure

The Cast-and-Cure foiling process used by Label Impressions was designed to deliver gorgeous effects at lower financial and ecological costs. The company says its newest foil effect offers both subtle and striking effects with ultra-high gloss, matte and satin finishes to packaging. Hundreds of patterns and options are available.



Tactile In-mold Labeling

Yupo Sculpt IML film substrates are designed to enable designers and marketers to use visual and tactile design features to create a distinctive presence on shelf and encourage consumers to not only look but touch packaged products.



UV, Metallic-silver Coating

This custom carton was created to help McKeon Products create excitement for a new product launch. The brand asked for a large metallic area, which would include colored metallic as part of the design. This was created using UV metallic-silver coating, applied using an anilox coater. The package supplier, Transparent Container, says the coating is much brighter than a standard UV ink and brighter than most flexo-printed silver inks; can be placed in any spot or shape; and can be used to create limited gradients. The package for McKeon was over-printed with transparent colored inks; the gloss ink took on the metallic look, making the package seem to have not only metallic silver, but also metallic blue elements.



Inline Decoration Process

Branding, design and marketing managers looking for high-quality foil effects may want to ask converters if they use this inline foiling system. The new process developed by Kurz allows the inline application of metallic designs to cylindrical containers, such as plastic tubes or glass bottles, during the silk-screen or flexographic printing process. The company says the direct-coating operation delivers a seamless and permanent decoration with a high-quality finish.


Richly Decorated Box

Highly decorated folded rigid box is the result of a collaboration between Phoenix Color and NAPCO. The box incorporates an array of special effects printed and applied to various substrates, providing for a rich, textural experience. Using a build-up of inks, embossing, debossing, and foil stamping on Neenah Classic Crest Text stock, the carton delivers a rich, and elegant feel appropriate for the luxury packaging market.


Multimedia Carton with HD Video Screen

Pharmaceuticals carton has multimedia consumer engagement features, including a thin, lightweight HD video screen complete with sound seamlessly integrated. These custom cartons can contain digital watermarks. The Web-enabled outer packaging can be used by brand marketers providing additional product info or special offers to consumers via smartphone right at the point of purchase or use.


Textured, Glittered Effect

Mirri Sparkle can be used to create glitter texture that sparkles in the light. To create this effect, a high-quality metallic film is laminated to a premium white backed folding box-board. The surface of the film is treatable with print, as well as other print finishing options, from foil blocking to screen processes, enabling marketers and designers to create multiple effect options.


Box with Metallic and Pearlescent Effects

Using MirriNor Pak polyester film, Color-Logic created a pearlescent effect for Royal Tokaji’s packaging. The design element is intended to be an upscale standout, with a look that whispers rather than shouts. Produced conventionally, similar effects would require matte lamination. The packaging technology enabled the designers to use bright metallic lettering, without the added cost of hot-foil stamping.


Shimmering Labels

Labeltronix AVA Series shimmers with a sophisticated, textured design that is highlighted by rich tones of silver and gold. The labels were designed with the uniqueness and rich diversity of each of the grape-growing regions in mind.


Tube with Metallic Effects

Reflexion Plastic Barrier Laminate tubes have a web structure with multiple metallic effects and bounce back properties similar to conventional plastic tubes. The tubes can be printed in up to eight colors by flexography, silk screening and hot stamping. Metallic effects can also be combined with photo-realistic, gradated, matte and gloss, and other effects for even greater standout. The tubes are also available with ultra-gloss, mirror, metallic decoration or satin metallic gloss, brushed-aluminum or hot-stamped effects.


Sculpted, Molded Paperboard Package

Impressions moldable packaging was designed to enable designers to add deep embossing to graphics for sculpted effects, the company says, that were previously unattainable with paperboard. For “Transformers—Age of Extinction,” Paramount Studios wanted a package that appealed to its science fiction fan base by pushing the boundaries of technology. The moldable package enabled dramatically sculpting of the artwork, which accentuated the engineering complexity of the Transformers Bots.


Unique Graphics Generator

Marketers and designers can use HP SmartStream Mosaic to automatically generate a high number of unique graphics from seed patterns, producing one-of-a-kind and beautiful prints for labels and packaging. It generates the variations by randomly transforming the file using scaling, transposition and rotation, and the software has been used by Coca-Cola and other brands to produce striking and creative shrink sleeves for bottles and cans.


Soft-touch Effect

The UV Soft Touch Coating produces a soft touch feel, which conveys the tactile attributes of this lion, without sacrificing attributes such as adhesion and scuff resistance. The company recommends pairing the soft touch coating with a gloss UV coating for maximizing contrast effects and soft tactile feel.


Glittery, Color-shifting Pigment

Glimmer Shift is a color-shifting pigment that shows well over dark colors, but is very subtle over light colors, while adding texture. The pigments are available in colors that shift in hue and/or appear glittery.


Film with Brushed-metal Effect

MHL Brushed Silver is a UV-printable base film with a thermal adhesive and a brushed metallic finish. It can be used alone to give the impression of brushed metal. When Dibond printed, it can mimic the look of metallic inks.


Eco-conscious, Transfer-metallized SBS board

Enhanced Envirofoil, Hazen Paper’s improved transfer coating, delivers chrome-like reflectivity to global packaging of Titleist golf balls, and permits prominent embossing, a holographic hot stamp and covert security features. According to Hazen, Enhanced Envirofoil is as recyclable as paper because it uses 95% less aluminum than foil or film laminate.


Package and Effects Visualizer

The real-time images in Esko Studio Visualizer are ultra-realistic thanks to a patented print modeling technology. Visualizer simulates the printing and finishing operations one by one, in the correct order, and on the right substrate, for foils, varnishes, embossing, etc. What a user sees looks great and is technically feasible. The on-screen mockups can be used for test marketing, sharing packaging intent, or accurate and realistic virtual comps.


Special-effect Coatings for Luxury Packaging

The multi-faceted hues of FiberMark’s Illusio provide a progression of intense color-shifting shades. The standard colors and textures are FSC-certified and dyed-through which the company says ensures no white edges. The suite of decorative coverings (turned-edge applications) and durable paperboards (bag and folding carton applications) were created to provide expansive branding options in the luxury packaging arena.


Crackle-effect Coating

This custom box demonstrates how a poly laminated to solid bleached sulfate board and CurtCrystal coating can create a luxurious crackle effect. In addition to the coating, the box for Five Star Fragrance’s new Realm Men and Women’s Fragrance line leveraged six-color printing, UV gloss, emboss and deboss effects.


High-touch Effects

This inspiration tool demonstrates how to combine papers and special effects for multi-sensorial package design. Starting with a grand telescoping box, Neenah presents ways its papers’ colors and textures may be combined to create high-touch effects with flocking, foil stamping, embossing and more.


Laser-generated, Positive Contrast Imagery

Clear Code uses industrial carbon dioxide laser and a clear coating, to produce a positive contrast image with enhanced clarity. The process is designed to deliver an accurate, opaque code without the financial and eco costs of consumables of traditional processes or the dark inks that compete with the rest of the package design.


Augmented Reality Feature

Custom cartons can be printed with an Augmented Reality (AR) feature. When consumers pair their smartphones with the AR features, a 3-D representation of the product inside appears.


Metallic, 3-D Effect

Cold-foil and Cast-and-Cure applied in line on a sheet fed offset press can be used to deliver a distinctive surface. When cold foil is overprinted with ink, the result is a brilliant, shiny finish; cast-and-cure can provide 3-D effects that attract shoppers’ attention.


Custom Package with Multi-sensory Effects

This carton was custom-made for 5th Avenue NYC Premiere with a soft touch coating, foil stamping, and embossing, which conveys the seductive, floral fragrance. Its metallized polyester board delivers a mirror-like finish, and the carton’s intricate foil stamping and embossing accents add further shelf impact. The carton was offset printed with purple, dense black and opaque white inks, in-line with DiamondTouch soft touch coating, which adds an appealing tactile quality that promotes consumer interaction. The high gloss foil stamped and embossed accents on the front and rear panels provide a striking contrast to the overall matte finish surrounding it. The combination of colors, textures, foil stamping, and embossing add distinction and reinforces 5th Avenue as a prestige brand.