Switching to Flexible Packaging Strenthens Savings for Brand Owners

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) is pleased to announce a new infographic that highlights the savings benefits of switching to flexible packaging for brand owners.

The future is flexible. According to FPA’s recent Flexible Packaging Transition Advantages Study, in the next five years, 31% of brand owners expect to switch entirely, or to a higher mix, of flexible packaging. Only 14% of brand owners expect to switch entirely, or to a higher mix, of rigid packaging.

Over the past five years, brand owners increased their use of flexible packaging because of reduced production costs; consumer convenience; shipping/transportation efficiencies; the ability to comply with consumer lifestyle trends; and reduced environmental impact.

In addition to lower production costs and supply chain efficiencies/lowered costs of transportation, brand owners who have switched to flexible packaging in the last five years also experienced improved competitive positioning through consumer appeal; increases in sales; and the ability to price the product at a premium.

For more information on the FPA and the Flexible Packaging Transition Advantages Study, please visit our website, www.flexpack.org.

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