Tailspin makes a tasty splash in the ready-to-drink Gin category

Chase Group puts a new spin on an old favorite.

With the increasing popularity of gin among millennials, a ready-to-drink gin smash was developed, but needed a compelling brand name, look and personality that would appeal to a new generation of consumers.

Chase Design Group started by exploring a name for the brand that would be approachable, fun and playful. They hit on the name, Tailspin, and paired it with a cheeky monkey as a secondary icon for the brand. “We wanted to convey a look of flavorful refreshment mixed with a feeling of heritage inspired by the elegant craft and attention to detail that goes into the creation of a fine gin and it’s label, “ says Dave Carlino, Senior Art Director, Chase Design Group. “Tailspin is the younger, light-hearted, cheeky millennial grandchild to Grandpa Gin."

The hand-drawn logo is surrounded by a juicy burst of flavorful filigree and splashes that express the refreshing flavor. The cheeky monkey worked perfectly with the name Tailspin as his spinning tail completes the crossbar of the “A,” while his mischievous friends carry the flavor banner. To complete the look, bold photography of fruit is paired with filigree illustrations. “It’s an absurdly refreshing twist that cuts through the stale shelf of today’s ready to drink offerings,” says Kelly Landy, Account Director, Chase Design Group.

The two flavors, Ice Lime Twist and Cranberry Chill are currently being rolled out in Canada by Labatt.

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