Tapping into the authenticity of influencer marketing to build consumer engagement

Influencer marketing isn’t a new concept. After all, merchants and businessmen once relied on word of mouth to influence potential customers to promote their products and services.


Over the last few decades, however, the tradition has evolved with the proliferation of modern technology and modes of communication.

It is now common for companies and organizations to work with influencers, who start off as ordinary folk creating online content on platforms like Facebook,


YouTube and Instagram to become social media celebrities with thousands, if not millions, of followers. Although influencers can be belong to a wide variety of niches, shoppers consistently look to influencers for some or all of the following common traits: honesty, authenticity and relatability. To help marketers leverage this powerful marketing took, BXP has partnered with SmallBizGenius to bring the following visual representation of more than 80 marketing statistics: https://www.smallbizgenius.net/by-the-numbers/influencer-marketing-statistics/

Online version of Influencer marketing graphic from Andriana Moskovska


About the author:

Andriana Moskovska is proud to call herself SmallBizGenius’s community manager. Her mission is simple: to connect small business owners with the best tools and resources to help them thrive. When she’s not working, Andriana likes to go for walks with her two pet dachshunds and binge-watch documentaries, usually not at the same time.